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Save 15% on the DIERYA DK63 60% Mechanical Keyboard

A standout in the realm of 60% keyboard deals

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:16 am
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The 60% keyboard layout is gaining popularity as a result of its combination of a space-saving form factor and the retention of key features for productivity and gaming. The problem is that 60% keyboard deals don’t crop up very often, luckily with Black Friday fast approaching we are seeing more deals appearing.

The DIERYA DK63 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a tempting offering in the realm of 60% keyboard deals owing to its broad range of colorways and choice of brown, blue, or red Key Switches. Other bonuses of this keyboard include the vibrant, vivid RGB backlighting and the aggressive, space-age choice of font for the keycap legends. Additionally, it features a huge 1900mAh battery for an extended battery life, meaning that even with the RGB lighting on maximum brightness you can game or type with reckless abandon without having to worry about running out of juice. This sort of battery capacity is rarely found in 60% keyboard deals.

Another feature that makes this keyboard worth your hard-earned cash is the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connection mode, with up to 10 metres of range and the capability to be connected to three different devices at once makes this one of the best options out there for a portable typing solution, the small layout also helps as it’s easily packed away for travel. The quality continues into the USB Type-C connection as it features a fully braided cable and a 90-degree connecter so that even when you do have to charge this keyboard the cable will be discretely routed to the side providing a tidy and satisfying desktop. Not to mention the 1-year warranty and anti-interference technology that will help ensure a stable, secure connection whether you’re gaming or working.

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