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Save 24% on the Crucial P2 M.2 SSD

M.2 deals like this don't come around often! 1TB of capacity with blisteringly fast read & write times

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:16 am
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M.2 deals come and go at an alarming rate and they often only knock a slim amount off of the price. HDDs (hard disk drives) have fallen out of fashion for the PC gamer, given the truly staggering capacities that SSDs (solid-state drives) are capable of these days. In terms of speed, M.2 drives currently rule the roost as they are no longer subject to the SATA bottleneck that traditional SSDs were. M.2 drives clip directly into the motherboard providing unparalleled speed as they can communicate directly with the chipset. Tempted? good. We have mean keeping an eye on m.2 deals and have found a tasty 24% discount on the Crucial P2 M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD.

1TbB of capacity is more than enough for the average PC gamer’s game libraries and it virtually eliminates texture pop-in due to the incredible sequential read/write speed of up to 2400MB/s/1900MB/s. Fortunately, the benefits of this drive don’t stop there. Crucial is well-known for the stringent quality-control process that they subject their drives to, this results in superior reliability with this drive able to withstand 300TB of re-writes, which means it’ll retain its impressive speeds over a long period of use.

These days it’s very much recommended to run games from SSDs, previously this could be an issue as the capacities limited you to just a few games. Luckily, dear reader, those days are over and now you can install as many games as you like with reckless abandon due to the ever-growing capacities that m.2 SSDs are capable of. If you haven’t made the leap to an m.2, we strongly recommend it as the performance gains are instantly noticeable in terms of system speed, gaming experience, and productivity. This is a standout in the realm of m.2 deals

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