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Save $60 on the Razer Wolverine controller

Early Black Friday controller deals!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021 9:05 am
Save $60 on the Razer Wolverine controller

While we are pretty much exclusively staunch PC gamers here, we have to admit that a mouse & keyboard just isn’t the superior control setup for many games, this is why we’ve been keeping an eye on Black Friday controller deals as the early deals continue to tumble free from various retailers into the hands of voracious bargain-hunters such as yourself. To that end, we have found a very good discount of $60 on the Razer Wolverine controller, compatible with PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X&S.

To be clear, the mouse & keyboard still rule the roost when it comes to FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Apex Legends. Even consoles these days are allowing the use of mouse & keyboard to varying degrees (mostly dependent game to game.) But when it comes to third-person games like the Souls series or racing games like the recently released Forza Horizon 5 a controller really does make a difference due to the analog inputs it’s capable of, as opposed to the keyboard where the vast majority are still only capable of digital input. For this reason, we’ve been paying some close attention to Black Friday controller deals.

  • $60 off the Razer Wolverine Controller at Best Buy
  • The Wolverine controller is notable as it comes with several customization options including different length analog sticks, an alternate D-pad design, and a few different cap designs for the analog sticks. It also features four additional paddles on the rear side which are programmable to match any input you like. This is particularly valuable for disabled gamers these days as console games are finally beginning to allow rebinding of controls, which has been a long time coming both for access reasons and general convenience.

    If you fancy sticking around for more deals we have pages upon pages that are being consistently updated as and when we discover Black Friday deals so you can be sure your money is being stretched as far as possible.

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