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Top 5 phone deals December 2022

Pick up a brand-new phone at a discount price this December

Updated: Dec 8, 2022 3:47 pm
Top 5 phone deals December 2022

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If you narrowly missed out on a Black Friday phone deal this year, never fear. Here at WePC we’ve been searching far and wide to find the very best December deals on smartphones, and we’ve managed to scope out 5 of the best around.

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Today’s smartphones are equipped with increasingly cutting edge technology, designed to assist you in every aspect of your life. They practically never leave our hands, and whatever your view is on this, there’s no doubt it makes them an important part on modern living. So it’s wise to have one that works well and comes with the latest tech!

It can feel like the choices for smartphones are effectively endless, especially in the run-up to Christmas with major online retailers battling it out for customers’ attention. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you, checking out the very best smartphone deals so you don’t have to do any of the tricky stuff.

Top smartphone deals 2022

There are plenty of brands in the smartphone market, all putting out a wide range of phones. Apple, Samsung, Motorola and more offer phones for every use and budget. Whether you’re a creative professional, gamer, fitness fanatic or just have a lot of stuff to stay on top of, you’ll be able to tailor your smartphone to suit you with a wide range of apps and personal assistant features available on most models.

It’s been tricky finding the very best of the best deals currently available online, but we reckon we might have managed it. Behold, our shortlist of the best December 2022 phone deals:

Why you should consider these smartphone deals

Smartphones offer a better connection to the modern world, letting you engage in society in a fuller way. There are lots of good smartphones out there, and the latest models from well-known brands like Apple and Samsung are faster, lighter and better equipped than ever before. Top-notch cameras let you capture the moment in professional detail, streaming is now faster and smoother than ever, and AI features bring these devices into the future. Smartphones tend to be big enough to almost negate the need for a tablet, yet boast a lightweight frame which makes them more portable than ever. There’s endless apps available to customise your device to your needs and specific interests.

However, finding a top-notch smartphone at a reasonable rate can be pretty difficult. That’s where deals like these ones come in, saving you money woes whilst still letting you get your hands on a high-end mobile device. With the money you’ve saved, why not snap up some extra smartphone accessories?

We know our stuff here at WePC, so trust us when we say these are some serious deals promising mega bang-per-buck. They offer some of the best phones in the business at a cut price cost. If you’d like, check out some of our more in-depth reviews on smartphones here.

Where to find the best smartphone deals

Your best bet is to check out major online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, or Currys and OverclockersUK if you’re in the UK. They usually offer the most competitive discounts, being in direct rivalry with each other to attract customers away from primary distributors like Apple or Samsung. Most of these sites have a deals section which you might want to check out.

We’ll also be updating this site with the best deals as they appear, so stay tuned or keep us bookmarked if you don’t want to miss out on a good smartphone deal!

Is December a good time to buy a smartphone?

Yes, we’d say so. A lot of the deals from Black Friday are sticking around, and there are more discounts to be had in the run-up to the holidays as online retailers battle it out to attract customers. If you’re eagle-eyed, it’s possible to pick out some really great deals amongst the gift-buying bonanza. We’ll be keeping track of all the best ones and updating this page with good bargains as we find them, so don’t stress!

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Is the iPhone 14 better than the Samsung Galaxy S22?

That all depends on what you prioritise in a mobile. Apple’s latest iPhone scores slightly higher in terms of its camera and graphics, whilst the Galaxy S22 has a slighty brighter display.

However, the S22 does have a SIM tray, something the iPhone skips in favour of eSIM technology. This means it’s easier to use in countries which don’t use eSIM – something you jet-setters might want to consider.

Will the S22 be on offer this December?

Yes! Amazon currently have a deal on the Samsung Galaxy S22. It comes in at a cool $749.99, $100 off the original $849.99 original cost.

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