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Save $50 on a 1440p,144hz gaming monitor from Viewsonic

Save $50 on this IPS panel.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:21 am
Save $50 on a 1440p,144hz gaming monitor from Viewsonic

Something that people tend to neglect when making their gaming setups is going to be investing in a good monitor that suits your price, needs, and specs. There’s no point in getting a massive, 4K monitor if you have no use for it, or can’t run games natively in 4K anyway. Many gamers have found that the optimal ground is going to be slightly higher than 1080p, but not quite 4k. This Viewsonic coming in at $239.99, this 1440p monitor is a fantastic resolution and coming in at 27-inches, the perfect size for a decent amount of pixel density so that everything looks nice and sharp at the same time. We’re not going to repeat the name of the monitor simply because it’s so weird and obtuse that it might as well be gibberish. Please, manufacturers, take a hint.

Aside from that, this Viewsonic brings you a great, entry-level WQHD gaming monitor for less than $250, which is nothing to sneeze at. Boasting a 1ms response time in addition to that, it’s likely that unless you are a big panel, pixel-peeper, this will do you just fine. It also has an IPS panel for greater colour reproduction, and at this price that’s a pretty decent deal, just be aware of any ghosting issues that might arise as a consequence of this type of panel, which is not entirely unheard of. The monitor is also compatible with FreeSync, so you’ll not be getting any screen-tearing with this fantastic panel technology. Despite the monitor lacking HDMI 2.1, you should still be able to use it with all the fancy bells and whistles turned on. It even has preset for certain game types, which we assume would change up the response time to 1ms in service of sacrificing a little bit of image quality, but we’re generally weary of some of these preset options, and we recommend that you manually calibrate your panels where possible, if you’re playing competitive shooters such as CS:GO or wanting to hit 1-frame links in Street Fighter, you might need the 1ms response time, but if you’re just casually strolling along using it to play some other stuff, you probably don’t need it turned on.

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