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The latest version of Windows is finally here and it looks set to impress

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At the time of writing this, there is no official release date or download for Windows 11. Having said that, there have been leaks of the latest operating system that seem to be surprisingly stable. Having said that, the latest build making the rounds is an illegal version ahead of the official announcement.

Whilst many speculative were expecting official release dates for the Windows 11 during the live announcement on June 24, that was sadly not the case. Instead, the company tactically stepped around pressing matters to only increase the buzz further.

Our best guesses suggest that Windows 11 is expected to officially release to the public this October – not too bad. It will be available as a free upgrade to all Windows 10 devices, operating in a similar fashion to that of previous Windows updates. If you wish to stick with Windows 10, fear not, you’ll have the opportunity to do that. This will likely come with its own set of benefits, as many supported enterprises will likely take a while to transfer to the latest version.

Like all Windows versions, Windows 11 will also be available for standalone purchase – in both CD and USB formats.

We’ll be updating this post on a daily basis as and when the news of release dates, downloads, and where to buy information becomes available .

Windows 11: What's New

Windows 11 was recently announced on June 24th, sparking huge excitement around what it could potentially bring to gaming, productivity, and everyday users. The new interface is expected to bring huge changes to the look and feel of the platform, breathing new life into Windows’ latest operating system.

The company plans to alter various core features of the Windows experience, improving the style of the Start menu, Taskbar, and overall design language. It also offers up features that were first deployed in Windows 10X – a more recent version of the OS that was announced back in 2019 that was put on hold as the focus moved on to the full version of Windows.

Microsoft has been slowly establishing the groundwork for windows 11, with both Microsoft CEO and CPO teasing the ‘next-gen’ operating system. In a live announcement on June 24, the company discussed what’s next for Windows – whilst posting cryptic teasers with references to a new iteration.

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