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Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review (2020 Model)

We put the new Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming chair to the test

Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:16 pm
Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Gaming Chair
Chair Type Racer
Maximum Load 110kg
Gross Weight 30kg
Sitting Height 460mm - 555mm

I have had the pleasure of sitting in the older 2018 Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair for the past year, and it has been a pleasure. So when the latest Secretlab OMEGA 2020 came into the office, I was excited to upgrade and finally review this model!

Secretlab has dominated the gaming chair market in recent years, with the company winning “best gaming chair” awards in the past and the product lines continuing to gain popularity across the industry.

The Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair is arguably one of their best-selling chairs thanks to its mid-range size and value for money.

Let’s take a closer look a the 2020 series Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair to see how it differs from the older model and competition.

  • Supreme comfort
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • Great adjustment features
  • Memory foam padded head and lumbar pillow included
  • Expensive
  • Bit big for smaller people

The Specs

Tech Specs
Chair Type Racer
Maximum Load 110kg
Gross Weight 30kg
Sitting Height 460mm - 555mm

What's In The Box?

The giant box arrived with some heft (30KG), and as you can imagine, it’s a little hard to handle. The gaming chair arrived undamaged, and each separate part of the chair shrouded in dust covers.

Opening the box revealed:

  • Secretlab OMEGA backrest
  • Secretlab OMEGA seat base with armrests
  • Aluminum wheelbase
  • Multi-functional tilt mechanism
  • Class 4 hydraulic piston
  • Hydraulic sleeve
  • 2 x Tilt levers
  • 5 x XL PU casters
  • 2 x Side covers
  • Screw set
  • Secretlab signature memory foam head pillow
  • Secretlab signature memory foam lumbar pillow

Where to buy?

You can purchase directly from Secret Labs right here.


Like most modern gaming and office chairs, the Secretlab OMEGA was quite easy to assemble. If you’re a first-time builder, set yourself aside around 30 minutes, and you will most likely have it finished.

To ease the process, I removed everything from the box and stripped it of its packaging. I then lay everything out neatly, ready to follow the instructions.  As mentioned, these are relatively simple to build, which is helped by the easy to follow instructions and the parts being purpose-built to fit in specific areas.

Everything clipped in nicely with extra force being needed to attach the casters to the base.

Overall a simple, stress-free build experience, but there is a lot of packaging to chuck in your recycling.


The design on the 2020 series OMEGA gaming chair is almost identical to the older model, with a few subtle changes that have only improved this further. The Secretlab OMEGA is available in a few different materials, NAPA leather which is very soft to the touch and also doubles the price of the chair, softWeave fabric for those living in hotter climates, and the OMEGA we have here, upholstered in the 2.0 PU leather.

The PU leather, for me, is the perfect combination of durability and style. This material is easy to clean and feels excellent to sit on. PU leather is tough and resistant to abrasion but eventually usually succumbs to a bit of flaking. The new OMEGA gaming chair combats this with a new type of PU leather that has been designed to be around four times stronger than the previous model.

Secretlab not only lets you choose your upholstery, but they also let you pick a color/design too. Our older model was “black with suede,” so this time, we decided to try the “ash.” Aside from those, the OMEGA also comes in “stealth,” which is black with gold logos and red stitching. You can also grab the chair in “classic” or “royal,” which are similar to the stealth only with a dash of white or blue. Other than the standard color combinations, you can also get your chair esports themed with one of your favorite teams. If you aren’t too fussed about esports, you can also get your chair themed after a game (Overwatch, Dota, of World of Warcraft as you can see below), tv show (Game of Thrones) or film (Dark Knight, Birds of Prey) which all come with additional costs.

As far as gaming chairs go, Secretlab design is one of the best on the market, with every chair looking stunning. The first thing you notice is the premium aesthetics and luxurious feel that competitors struggle to match. The materials are clearly of high quality, with them feeling durable yet soft to the touch and making this chair very inviting to sit on. The stitching and logos elevate the overall appearance and round off the premium design nicely.

The bucket seat style wraps its self around your torso, providing your entire body with adequate support. I found this gaming chair very comfortable at all times, and this was without the included pillow and backrest.

The build quality from Secretlab is of the highest in the world of gaming chairs, and it matches the rather large price tag. The Secretlab OMEGA has some heft to it, meaning you are never going to tip over, even when fully reclining. This weight comes partly from the re-inforced aluminum wheelbase and gives you all the stability you need. Despite the weight, the casters glide across the rough office carpet with ease.

This is one sturdy chair, with the hydraulic gas piston, seat base, and backrest all feeling heavy duty and ready to take on anything. When I say anything, there is a weight limit to the Secretlab chairs, and this is why they offer several different size options. If you are unsure which Secretlab chair is best for your body size, don’t worry, as they have guidelines for height and weight, but as long as you are within 10%, you should be OK.

The Secretlab OMEGA is as impressive as the older model and feels seriously robust and luxurious, overall, I’m very happy with the design.


Secretlab gaming chairs are not short of features, and while they aren’t anything too flashy, they are of supreme quality. The features differ from the older model slightly, with the new PU leather cladding the 2020 model and an increase in warranty from two to five years, indicating more confidence in the build quality.

Armrests And Adjustment Options

The armrests on Secretlab gaming chairs have always been very functional while offering comfort and support simultaneously. The armrests feel firm but with just enough give in them to cushion your elbows. The PU coating is smoother to the touch than the older OMEGA chair and feels comfortable even with short sleeves on.

The armrests are known as being “4D,” and this is down to the four different ways you can adjust them. Firstly, the quality of the armrests has clearly been improved upon with the 2020 series; as it isn’t just the coating that has seen an upgrade, the fittings have too. The levers to control them now sport the shiny aluminum look like the arm beneath the plastic. Furthermore, these now require less effort to get them in various positions, with the whole process feeling much smoother.

Of course, the armrests go up and down 7cm and the metal clasps that control this are very satisfying to use, although very loud!

The button on the inside of the armrest near the middle will allow you to slide the armrest in/out 2cm, again just trying to make this chair comfy for the masses.

The button on the inside of the armrest towards the front will all you to slide the armrest back and forwards 3.5cm and rotate the armrests roughly 45-degrees in or out.

Overall, the armrest adjustment options really do go a long way to making this a supremely comfortable chair. I have different settings for gaming and working, so having comfy options for both is something I now take for granted with the Secretlab OMEGA.

The class 4 hydraulic piston and related lever underneath the seat base gives you 9.5cm of height adjustment. A lever on the left side locks/unlocks the tilt mechanism and is responsible for my favorite feature to the chair – the lean back and get those feet up position. It is worth noting that if you are too light/small for this chair, it may take a bit of force to tilt, but that shouldn’t put you off.

Finally, there is a lever that reclines the backrest of the chair from 80-degrees to 165-degrees. This feature isn’t particularly useful for gaming, but it provides some extra comfort options for those looking to chill and watch a film.

Lumbar Support

The Secretlab OMEGA chair has always come with a pillow and lumbar support cushion. The head pillow on the older model was fine as it was free, but it wasn’t made from memory foam like the included lumbar cushion, which was a big disappointment. Thankfully, the new 2020 series ships with a memory foam pillow and lumbar support cushion.

The pillow felt superb when leaning back, and you could genuinely have a nap in this chair if you fancied. The lumbar support pillow is a “nice to have” accessory, but it isn’t one I personally need or use as the chair is already supportive for me. The pillow is held in place with a stretchy strap and nearly never comes off. The lumbar support pillow, however, cannot be in a fixed position, which makes sense as the required strap would look silly, but it can be a tad annoying having to adjust it every time you move.

Our Verdict

The Secretlab OMEGA is popular for several reasons, but it mostly boils down to the company’s impressive design, comfort, and adjustment options. This gaming chair features some of the best build quality in the category. So is a Secretlab gaming chair worth your hard-earned cash? Well, this depends on how long you spend at the computer and what sort of look you are going for. Ergonomic office chairs usually offer the best comfort, but they come in at a higher price point in comparison, and the style often lacks the same flair.

Secretlab has options for all, with an impressive amount of customization and size options to cater for the smallest and tallest.

Regardless of which model you go for, rest assured that the Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair is one of the best currently out there.

Where to buy?

You can purchase directly from Secret Labs right here.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight limit for Secretlab chairs?

A: The recommended weight limit is 110kg for the Secretlab Omega and 130kg for the Secretlab Titan with the Throne having the lowest limit of 100kg.

Q: What are the differences between the Throne, Omega, and Titan?

A: Each of the Secretlab series are designed to fit different sized people. The Throne is aimed at smaller gamers while the Titan is aimed at taller/heavier users. This leaves the Omega sitting in the middle aimed at the average user.

Q: What is the difference between full-tilt and multi-tilt?

A: Full-tilt allows you to adjust the height and tension of the tilt mechanism whilst also giving you control over the suspension reclining features. The multi-tilt does the same as the full-tilt however you can lock the position of your adjusted tilt and sit at a custom angle.

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Gaming Chair
Chair Type Racer
Maximum Load 110kg
Gross Weight 30kg
Sitting Height 460mm - 555mm

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