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Best gaming monitor for X-plane 11

Take advantage of this flight simulator with these two exceptional monitors

Updated: Jun 30, 2023 11:49 am
Best gaming monitor for X-plane 11

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X-Plane 11 is a flight simulation game that offers a stunning level of realism, allowing players to fly a variety of aircraft, from small single-engine planes to commercial jets, in a variety of weather conditions and locations.

The game is an unparalleled experience, but to truly appreciate its intricate details, you need the right gaming monitor. So, take a look at our today’s top picks for X-Plane 11. You don’t want to miss that.

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Best monitor for X-Plane 11: Samsung Odyssey G9

Best gaming monitor for X-Plane 11

Samsung Odyssey G9 (C49G95T)

Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

Refresh Rate


Response time

1ms GTG

Screen size



5120 x 1440

Panel Type


When it comes to immersive gaming, the Samsung Odyssey G9 stands at the forefront of the pack. This behemoth of a monitor boasts a massive 49-inch screen with a Dual QHD resolution, providing an unparalleled level of detail, and allowing you to fully appreciate the intricate details of X-Plane 11’s aircraft and environments. The monitor’s 1000R curved screen also provides an ultra-wide field of view, simulating the sensation of flying in a real aircraft.

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Samsung Odyssey G9 has an impressive 1ms response time and a 240Hz refresh rate, ensuring that even the most fast-paced action in X-Plane 11 remains smooth and stutter-free. Combined with the monitor’s G-Sync and FreeSync compatibilities, it makes for a stutter-free and responsive gaming experience.

This ultra-ultra-wide display also comes with Quantum Dot technology with a peak brightness of 1000cd/m² and a color gamut of 95% DCI-P3, providing a vivid and true-to-life representation of the game’s colors. With no questions asked, it allows you to fully appreciate the game’s stunning landscapes and the subtle nuances of the plane’s designs.

Next best monitor for X-Plane 11: Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X

Next best monitor for X-Plane 11

Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X

Gigabyte AORUS F127q X

Refresh Rate


Response time

0.3ms (MPRT) / 1ms (GTG)

Screen size



2560 x 1440 (QHD)

Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X is an exceptionally well-made option to get the most out of X-Plane 11. This 27-inch monitor is an excellent choice for players looking for a high-performance monitor without the premium price tag. It’s a great-looking display, with an ultra-fast refresh rate of 240Hz that simply gives you not a millisecond to waste with a response time of 0.3 ms.

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The response rate is astonishing right? Well, there is more. Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X’s WQHD resolution provides an immersive gaming experience with a succinct amount of screen real estate. There is also a SS IPS panel that makes it ideal for games like X-Plane 11 that feature a rich palette of colors and detailed visuals.

Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X also has 93% DCI-P3 coverage, thus showing the game’s environments and aircraft more realistically and vibrantly. It’s a gamer’s dream, and Samsung Odyssey G9 only narrowly takes our first pick.

Is X-Plane 11 a demanding game?

According to the official X-Plane 11 system requirements, we’d class the flight simulator as a mid-tier demanding game. Having said that, like Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 does take it’s toll when the graphical settings are cranked up to max.

That said, if you have a powerful GPU and CPU combo, you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of the game by choosing a monitor with a high refresh rate and resolution.

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