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343 Studios reveal $10 Halo Infinite Battle Pass and don’t want player FOMO

343 Studios elaborate on its consumer friendlier Halo Infinite Battle Pass system.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:48 pm
Halo Infinite Battle Pass

343 Studios, the developers behind the recent Halo titles, announced new information on the Halo Infinite Battle Pass. The news comes from a recent IGN interview, where the outlet managed to chat with the developers, revealing more on the Battle pass system ahead of the game’s multiplayer launch on December 8.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass – What we know

While 343 Studios has been rather vocal about their Battle Pass system already, there was missing detail. Luckily, this new interview with 343 studios has revealed those missing links. The most significant news drop of the interview is that the Halo Infinite Battle Pass is only $10. It means that European should be able to grab it for €10, or £8 sterling, give or take. But, take this with a pinch of salt just in case.

In addition, the battle pass system allows players to complete the battle pass forever. We knew this back in June as part of the game’s brief marketing campaign during E3. 343 studies are aware that the developers play other games, and paying for a battle pass locks you into the game for that time. The Halo Infinite Battle Pass system aims to be much more consumer-friendly, so players can play other games and still get the value out of their pass. 

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What do we think? – OP ED

As a gamer myself, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass seems one of the only battle passes I’ll consider buying. Whenever I have got one in the past, it has most certainly not been worth my money. This, however, seems like it will be more up my street, as I can play a game casually and work on a battle pass that I want to progress through, without the need for FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s nice to see a developer charge a fairly good value battle pass, not to mention they seem to respect a player’s time. All in all, it seems like it might be a good change. Hopefully, it’s a change more of the industry can get behind.

Feature image via 343 Studios.

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