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7 Days to Die Console Commands and Cheats

Cheating is one way to survive the zombie apocalypse

Updated: Jan 18, 2022 9:13 am
7 Days to Die Console Commands and Cheats

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7 Days to Die is one of the most popular survival games on both PC and consoles. It is easy to see why with its unique seventh-day challenge: Every seventh night, there is a blood moon that emboldens the undead to hunt you down. As the weeks turn to months, the hordes only get harder, bringing new classes of zombies while empowering even the basic shambler. Surviving each week can be tricky. You’ll need to scavenge, research, build and fortify to give you the best chances of survival. With so much to do every day, it is safe to say that 7 Days to Die can be a challenging game, bordering on being almost stressful at times. If you fancy making it a bit easier for yourself, here are the most beneficial 7 Days to Die console commands and cheats.

How to use cheats in 7 Days to Die

If you want to use 7 Days to Die console commands in your game, you’ll need to open the console. However, there is no universal key to open the console. It will be ‘F1’ for most keyboards, but, if If F1 doesn’t work, then you can try “,’@’, ‘F2’ or ‘Ñ’. Hopefully, one of those keys will have opened up a new window with a text box to input your cheats in.

If you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox One, you will not have access to the 7 Days to Die console commands. However, you can enable Creative Mode on your prefered gaming console. All you need to do is load an old save or create a new save. Once you load up a save file, you will find a Misc tab in your game options. Under the Misc tab, there is a prompt to enable Creative Mode, allowing you to spawn in any item available in the base game.

7 Days to Die Cheats

We have listed the most useful 7 Days to Die console commands you’ll likely use in your game. If this is your first time playing 7 Days to Die, we highly recommend you avoid using these commands, if only to experience the game as it was intended.

CommandDescriptionExample code and explanation
BuffAdds a buff to the selected player.If you need the names of all the buffs in the game you can find them in the buff file in the 7 Days to Die directory on your PC. Alternatively, you can check out the game’s wiki.buffplayer 1 ANiceHotStewAdds the A Nice Hot Stew buff to player 1 on the server.
Change viewSwitch between third and first-person.switchview
Creative ModeEnables or disables the creative menu, allowing you to spawn as many items as you want immediately.creativemenu
DebuffRemove a buff on your characterDebuff buffArmbrokenRemoves the arm broken buff on your character.
Debuff a playerRemoves a buff on another playerDebuff 4 Broken legRemoves the Broken Leg buff on the server’s player 4.
Debug modePuts the player into debug mode, granting a new debug menu.Remember to type on or off to enable or disable the menu.debugmenu onTurns the Debug Menu on
Get TimeGet the time and day of the server. Useful for joining a server and seeing how progressed it is.gettime
Give QuestGive yourself a quest. You can find the quest names in the quest xml, located in the game’s install folder or listed on the game’s wiki.givequest_BuyTheFarm
God ModeAllows you to fly, never die and the usual perks of being a god.Please note you’ll need to enable Debug mode to enable God mode.debugmenu onTurns the Debug Menu on. Then press G to enable God Mode.
Spawn Air DrapSpawns an airdrop on top of the player who used the command.spawnairdrop
Spawn ItemGive yourself an item. You’ll need to write the item down and its quality to spawn  items successfully.giveself Shotgun 3
Spawn a HordeSpawns a horde of zombies that wanders to roughly where the player was when they used the cheat.spawnwh
Spawn ScoutSpawns a Screamer that paths towards where the player was when they used the cheat.spawnscout
TeleportTeleport yourself to the desired coordinates.tp -40 55
XPGive yourself experience points.Giveselfxp 20000Gain 20000 experience points.

7 Days to Die Server Commands

If you are running your own server or an admin of a server, then you’ll need a few handy 7 Days to Die console commands to run the server.

CommandDescriptionExample and explanation
Kick AllThis command kicks all players from the server. You can type a message after the command to give a reason why.kickall
Kick PlayerYou can kick a specific player from the server. Moreso, you can type a reason why at the end of the command. If you don’t know the player’s ID, you can type “ipi” in the console beforehand to get a list of player IDs on the server.Kickplayer  92The admin kicks the player identified as 92 from the server.
List Player IDsType in ipi to see all the player IDs on the serveripi
Save WorldIf you need to save the world for whatever reason manually, the ‘saveworld’ command is useful, especially if you need an up-to-date backup.saveworld
SayBroadcasts a message to the entire server.Say hello world“Hello World”
ShutdownTurns the server offshutdown
Time of DaySets the game to a preferred time of day. Valid times of day include day, night, dusk. You can even change the day if needed or set the game to a specific time.Settime nightSets the server to nighttime.Settime 1400Sets the time to 2pm.Setday 32Changes the day to day 32
Teleport PlayerTeleport a player to another player on the server or teleport another player to a designated coordinate.tele 6 7Teleports player 6 to player 7Tele 6 40-55Teleport player 6 to 40 -55 coordinates

This concludes our 7 Days to Die console commands guide. If you enjoyed this, why not check out some of our console command guides for other popular games?

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