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Activision shut down huge Call of Duty project

Updated: May 18, 2023 1:13 am
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A fan-made Mod for the Modern Warfare 2 (2009) engine was being developed by a small group of developers has been shut down after receiving a Cease and Desist from Activision.

Call of Duty SM2 Project Shut down

A well-anticipated fan-made project by SM2 that was to meant to be released for free has received a Cease and Desist order from Activision. The developers have been working for well over a year on this project, including an intelligent choice to move from IW4 (the original Modern Warfare 2 engine) to H1 (Modern Warfare Remastered engine), mainly for technical reasons.

The SM2Game team revealed the news on their Twitter.

Sadly this project will now not see the light of day, it is unclear as to whether the cease is purely for the use of the H1 engine or for the use of the Activision franchise as a whole but this project had been looking exciting up until this sad end.

Modern Warfare 2 had been a much-loved game from the Call of Duty franchise, with its sprawling maps the size of The Quarry, or threatening to 1v1 your best friends on Rust, a lot of fans were excited to see SM2’s Mod for this game, the developers had over 59 thousand followers on youtube and were racking up views in the 100k mark every video. Their attention to detail and clear love for the game was evident.

With the news surrounding the Activision – Blizzard merger with Microsoft being blocked in the UK but approved across the EU, there is a possibility that Activision are tightening their hold on some of the fan-made mods and other game extensions that inevitably float around the gaming community

What do you think about Fan-made mods? do you think they should be allowed as it is a dedication to a loved game? Or do you think that game devs work hard for their companies and those fan-made mods should have a tighter leash? Tell us if you had heard of SM2 or were looking forward to this release.

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