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Are there any Age of Empires 4 cheat codes?

What’s going on with the Age of Empires 4 cheat codes?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:26 pm
Are there any Age of Empires 4 cheat codes?

Age of Empires as a series is known for it’s fantastic command console cheat codes like lumberjack, how do you turn this on, marco and woofwoof, each of which does crazy things to break the standard RTS experience in the name of sheer fun. 

Sadly, there are currently no active cheat codes for the latest and greatest realtime strategy game from Microsoft. 

So Age of Empires 4 will eventually have cheat codes? 

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Adam Isgreen, creative director at World’s Edge confirmed to Rock, Paper, Shotgun that  cheats would arrive in a patch after the game had launched. They’re not currently in the game, and we’re not sure when they’ll be added. 

It could be soon, if useful cheats were a part of the development and QA testing process, however Age of Empires cheats often create ridiculously powerful and unique units, which means new art assets must be made. This would obviously take art and animation time, so it might be a while away. We’re hoping they add Master Chief, so maybe they can borrow a model from 343 Industries.

We’ll update this page when Age of Empires 4 cheats become available to the masses. When that happens, there’ll be a proper list of the additions and what they do in some sort of table. While you wait for that, why not check out our in-depth Age of Empires 4 game review

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What cheats would you like to see in Age of Empires 4?  Let us know in the comments below.

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