Aliens Fireteam Elite Roadmap: DLC, Endeavour Pass, Free Updates

All you need to know about what DLC is planned

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Aliens Fireteam Elite is the brand new cooperative shooter with players returning to indirectly work for the shadowy Weyland-Yutani corporation that has a weird obsession with Xenomorphs. You play a customizable character who’s tasked to deal with all the Xenomorphs harassing scientists, colonists and other fearful space-dwellers. With Cold Iron releasing a number of first-week patches, the team will eventually launch its post-launch content. We know that Aliens Fireteam Elite is getting a mixture of free and paid content, DLC, and more. However, we don’t exactly know what the Aliens Fireteam Elite Roadmap looks like at the time of writing.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Roadmap

As mentioned, we do not exactly know what is coming up in the Aliens Fireteam Elite roadmap. We know that the Aliens Fireteam Elite post-launch content is getting a mixture of free gameplay content and some paid DLC cosmetics. The first one as a matter of fact arrives on September 8, bringing in the Phalanx class.

The developers confirmed this during a Q/A on the game’s discord. One developer said: “We’ve got an additional 3 Seasons planned on coming out in the next year. Each has either new content or classes, and comes with new rewards. All the content in the updates are FREE with the base game. Each season will also come with DLC packs with over 20 exclusive cosmetic items in it. (You automatically get those with the Deluxe Edition, or can purchase the packs individually)”

We do know that Fireteam Elite is designed to be endlessly replayable with its scaling difficulty, grindable gear and card system that changes the rules (think skulls from Halo 3). The Aliens Fireteam Elite roadmap will likely feature new campaigns and new missions, as the game launched with four campaigns with three missions across each.

It is also worth mentioning that the Aliens Fire Team Elite Horde mode only launched with the day one patch. There is even potential we could get more game modes. In our opinion, Aliens Fireteam is making up its own canon lore as it goes along. There are some references to aliens from the AVP titles, along with the comics. There is certainly potential for some lore tie ins to appear in the future or for them to create their narratives.  The game has many different types of xenomorphs and Synthetics that have never before been featured in films or games. Therefore, we could even get to face new aliens, along with weapons, modes, and other content. Go wild, Cold Iron, as you have made a rather good game.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Season Dates

  • August 2021 – Launch
  • September 8 – Season 1
  • December 14 – Season 2
  • March 2022* – Season 3
  • June 2022* – Season 4

Asterisks are marked with potential season dates as we know there are four seasons in the yearly content updates. We will update each season when we know the official date.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Endeavour Pass

The Aliens Fireteam Elite Endeavour Pass is a seasonal content pass that is an entirely optional purchase. It is locked into the Aliens Fireteam Elite Deluxe edition, which grants DLC cosmetics for the next four seasons over the game’s first 12-month life cycle. If you do not want to buy the Aliens Fireteam Elite Endeavour Pass, you do not need to. Alternatively, you can buy the Aliens Fireteam Elite DLC separately from the store for £8.99, €9.99, or $9.99 USD, or an appropriate conversion to your currency.

The Endeavour pass’s DLC is primarily cosmetic only. It features some weapons skins, headgear, emotes, and other character customization-related content.

Aliens Fireteam Elite DLC

All the Aliens Fireteam Elite DLC coming to the game are purchasable DLC that is free in the Endeavor Pass. The DLC packs drop every three months for the first season of content. See above if you are interested in season DLC.

The only DLC pack not subject to the Endeavor Pass is the Hardened Marine Pack. The DLC comes with Aliens Fireteam Elite preorders for free. If you didn’t preorder and want the red and black weapon skin that comes with the DLC, you can purchase it for $3.29, $3.99, €3.99 or other converted currency.

We will update this article when we know more about the Aliens Fireteam Elite Roadmap and upcoming content. While you are here, we have a Fireteam weapon tier list if you fancy giving that a look?