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Aliens Fireteam Elite How to Unlock Weapons

We guide you through how to unlock all Aliens Fireteam Elite weapons.

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Aliens Fireteam Elite launched on 24 August, but it seems that the game is only becoming more and more popular. More and more players are entering the Aliens universe, venturing forth into Xenomorph marines. As you get in-game, you get to pick different Aliens classes, along with a variety of weapons that you can use. When you start, you only have access to the very basic weapons. If you are wondering how to unlock weapons in Aliens Fireteam Elite so you can build how you like, we have you covered.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: How to Unlock Weapons

There are several ways you can unlock weapons in Aliens Fireteam Elite.

  • Play through the campaign
  • Earn Requisition
  • Hidden Caches
  • DLC

Playing through the campaign is how you unlock weapons in Aliens Fireteam Elite. Near enough, every mission you play for the first time will guarantee to unlock a new weapon, attachment, skin or other content, especially if you find the hidden cache available on every weapon. The early missions start nice and smooth, unlocking new SMGs and Assault Rifles. However, as you get on through the campaign, you will earn more and more epic weapons, including flamethrowers, DMRs, and even unlock a whole new Recon class for completing the game.

We cannot underestimate how powerful finding Hidden Caches are. They give you weapon attachments, skins, and whole new weapons too. For example, the lucrative Kramer Assault Rifle is accessible in Hidden Caches, alongside other exclusive RNG weapons.

While you are playing through the campaign, you will naturally earn a currency called requisition. Requisition is the primary currency that you can get from completing various activities in the game. You can spend the requisition on various items, including buying new weapons. One example that springs to mind are the Demolitionist’s rocket launcher, or the dedicated bolt action sniper rifle for the Recon class, etc.

The only weapon you cannot get via the above weapons is the Heirloom. It is a sawn-off shotgun that is locked behind the Endeavor DLC. More of that will likely come in future content patches.

Aliens Fireteam Weapons List

If you wonder how many weapons there are in Aliens Fireteam Elite, we have tabled all the weapons in the game. We have an Aliens Fireteam Elite weapons tier list for you if you’re wondering how they stack up.

Weapon Type Weapon Name
Assault Rifles AM16- Gruppa

Kramer Assault Rifle

L-36 Halberd

M41A2 Pulse Rifle

M41A3 Burst Rifle

M42A3 Scout Rifle

M42A3 Sniper Rifle

Twilight V.4

X46 Ballista Flechette Rifle

CQW (Close Quarter Weapons) DT-57 Medved

Heirloom Standoff

LEM MP11 Stormsurge

M37A3 Pump Shotgun

M39 Submachinegun

Type 21 Tactical Shotgun

Type 76 Auto Shotgun

Type 99 Incinerator

X43 Barrage Flechette Submachinegun

Handguns Kramer .50 Magnum

Kramer Short-Barrel

M10 Auto Pistol

Rapid Responder


Type 78 Burst Pistol

Type 95 Combat Pistol

Heavy Weapons L56A3 Smartgun

M12A1 Rocket Launcher

M12 RPG Launcher

M94 Impact Grenade

M95 Grenade Launcher

OCAP-91 Volcan

Please note that not every class can use your recently unlocked weapons. Each class has very specific primary and secondary weapons. The Demolitionist is almost exclusively the Heavy Weapon user, while the Technician’s primary weapon is restricted to handguns. There’s no point in unlocking a desirable weapon if you don’t plan on using the weapon on your class and difficulty level.

This concludes our how to unlock weapons in Aliens Fireteam Elite guide. We hope you enjoyed this content. If you did, why not check out our other Aliens guides?

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