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Aliens Fireteam Horde Mode Guide

How to unlock, survive, and kick ass in Aliens Fireteam Elite Horde Mode

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If you want the authentic Aliens experience, where the Marines get their asses kicked time and time again, Aliens Fireteam Elite Horde Mode is where the action’s at. Horde Mode was introduced in the game’s day one patch, allowing players to face wave after wave of relentless Xenomorphs, with the aim to survive as long as possible and rack up the highest score. If you manage to reach the end of a Horde Mode Cycle, which is after every 10 waves, you can bug out and return to base.

What is Aliens Fireteam Horde Mode?

Horde Mode in Aliens Fireteam is very similar to those of other games, such as Gears of War and the original PC release of Aliens versus Predator from 1999. In Horde Mode you team up with two other players and try to survive successive waves of aliens, which get progressively more difficult with each wave.

How to unlock Aliens Fireteam Horde Mode

To unlock Alien Fireteam Horde Mode, all you have to do is complete all 12 missions in the four-episode Campaign. You can do this at any difficulty, even Casual, so you should be able to unlock Horde Mode in just a few hours, even if you only have AI synths covering your back. One the Campaign is over, you will be asked to speak to Colonel Shipp, who will grant you access to Horde Mode.

How to play Horde Mode

There is currently only one Horde Mode map in Aliens Fireteam Elite, which is set in an Alien hive. The players must defend the raised area that leads into the hive, while AI-controlled xenos attack from various directions. As well as an ammo box that has a limitless supply, there are First Aid Kits dotted around the map, and Xenos will randomly drop health packs. There is also an Equipment Locker nearby, where you can buy Consumables with Requisition Points, such as Incendiary Rounds, Antipersonnel Mines, Sentry Guns, Static Grid, drones, etc.

What are the best weapons to equip for Horde Mode?

You can’t go wrong with a pimped Smart Gun. Check our Aliens Fireteam weapons tier list to read up on the game’s arsenal of weapons.

What are the Horde Mode rewards?

If you survive 10 waves of Aliens, you will have the chance to return to base or continue the mission. When you leave after completing a Cycle (one Cycle = ten waves), you will be awarded Character XP, Weapon XP, Requisition Credits, and Rep Script. You can also unlock Emotes and Decals. If you choose to continue the mission, the first wave of a new Cycle will be much easier that the tenth wave of the last one, but that difficulty will return as the new Cycle progresses.

Have you been enjoying Aliens Fireteam Elite’s Horde Mode? How would you like to see Cold Iron develop the feature – apart from adding new maps, of course?

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