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Is Among Us Cross Platform? – Is Among Us Crossplay?

We find out if Among Us supports crossplay.

Updated: Jul 19, 2022 1:38 pm
Is Among Us Cross Platform? – Is Among Us Crossplay?

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Among Us has taken the internet by storm over the past few years by doing huge numbers on streaming platforms like Twitch. With the game available on an eclectic range of different platforms, many people have wondered whether the game supports crossplay or not.

The simplest answer to that question is: Yes. This title does indeed support crossplay, whether you’re playing iOS, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation consoles.

Is Among Us Cross Platform? – Is Among Us Crossplay?

Among Us supports cross platform play and has done since the launch of the initial mobile versions back in 2018.

In the years since then, various versions of the game have been released on different platforms, but each time the game has supported crossplay without having to wait for any updates or jump through any major hoops to get it working.

How to play Among Us Cross Platform

There isn’t any major trick to playing Among Us across various different platforms with your friends. The main thing to do is ensure that you’re all playing on the same server, or you’ll find it impossible to join the same game.

Source: Get Hyped Gaming, 2020

When you boot the game, you should see a server selector in the bottom right corner of the screen. Message your friends and make sure that you’re all playing on the same server, and it’s as easy as that.

Does Among Us Support Cross Save/Cross Progression?

While Among Us does feature cosmetics that you can unlock to make your character stand out a bit more, it did not initially allow you to share your cosmetics across different platforms.

Luckily, that changed in late 2021 with an update that added an entire new progression system that also allows you to share your items across platforms by linking accounts.

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The only exception is that the Nintendo Switch version won’t share premium currency bought on that platform with any others, for some reason.

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