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Apex Legends – Best Sniper Rifle?

Which is the best of all the Apex Snipers? No... Ignore the Kraber!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022 5:00 pm
Apex Sniper Rifle

I know what you’re already thinking and no, we’re not going to default to the Kraber. For the sake of this article, let’s forget the Kraber even exists! This is about the Sniper rifles you can pick up throughout the game. Whether it’s the Longbow, Sentinel or Charge Rifle or the Triple Take. Yes, for this list we’ll be considering the Triple Take as a sniper rifle, which is what it’s usually and more commonly used as. Which should be your go-to when you’re planning a ranged game. Picking your enemies off one by one, means doing the most damaging shots in the most accurate and quickest way. The longer you take, the quicker your enemies can spot you and take you down before you know it.

We’ll compare the four sniper rifles to see which is the best one for you!

Sentinel, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Players seem to have a love-hate relationship with the Sentinel. On one hand, fully charged, it can be a terrifying weapon to go against and you don’t want to be in its sights. On the other hand, it’s one of the hardest to aim, and seems to be very picky on when it’ll hit your target. That being said, the Sentinel is still a very powerful sniper rifle that can, when fully charged, deal devastating damage to targets.

TargetDamageShots to kill [note 1]
100 HP150 HP175 HP200 HP225 HP
 Level 1 Helmet12612222
 Level 2 Helmet11212223
 Level 3/4 Helmet10512223
Base Sentinel Damage
TargetDamageShots to kill
100 HP150 HP175 HP200 HP225 HP
 Level 1 Helmet15811222
 Level 2 Helmet14112222
 Level 3/4 Helmet13212222
Amped and Charged up Sentinel Damage

Pros and cons


  • High damage per shot.
  • Fast projectile speed.
  • Can cause collateral shots, as projectiles are able to pierce through multiple enemies.
  • Amping the Sentinel will give it a 25% damage boost.


  • Low fire rate and DPS due to bolt-action mechanism. This can be slightly hindered with the Deadeye’s Tempo.
  • Slow draw/holster speed.
  • Difficult to control and aim.

Charge Rifle, Charged Beam Sniper Rifle

The Only hitscan weapon in Apex, meaning that every shot will instantly go when it’s pointed out. Thus making it a lethal headshot weapon. If you’re sneaking around, and you’ve spied an enemy squad in the distance. Waiting until they stop moving could lead to their shields breaking and them being ripe for your squad mates’ picking. Downside? Everyone in your nearby surroundings will know exactly where you are, as the laser provides a nice arrow to your position.

TargetDamage [note 1]Shots to kill [note 2]
100 HP150 HP175 HP200 HP225 HP
 Level 1 Helmet11112223
 Level 2 Helmet10612223
 Level 3/4 Helmet9322233

Pros and cons


  • Infinite range, and doesn’t require aim compensation for moving targets or bullet drop.
  • Always 100% accurate, even while falling or on ziplines
  • 1× legshot multiplier.


  • Long reload time, especially with an empty mag.
  • Cannot equip Extended Sniper Mags.
  • Unlike other sniper rifles, shots do not penetrate enemies.
  • Unlike other sniper rifles, shots have damage falloff over distance.
  • Beam can give away position.
  • If hip firing, while charging, the beam sways violently, but the final blast will always be 100% accurate.

Longbow, Semi Automatic Rifle

The Longbow, with all the right add-ons is really does feel like a semi-auto rifle. With users being able to shoot multiple shots in a target before they can even react. The Longbow is reliable and powerful, and with the highest ammo cap, you can stick in your one place and not worry about spending precious seconds reloading.

TargetDamageShots to kill
100 HP150 HP175 HP200 HP225 HP
 Level 1 Helmet10612223
 Level 2 Helmet9322233
 Level 3/4 Helmet8722333

Pros and Cons


  • Highest ammo capacity of all snipers.
  • Can cause collateral shots, as projectiles are able to pierce through multiple enemies.
  • Can open doors by shooting the handle.
  • Highest fire rate of all sniper rifles.


  • Poor hipfire accuracy.
  • Strong recoil.
  • Slower bullet speed and increased bullet drop compared to other sniper rifles.

Triple Take, Triple-Barrel Marksman Rifle

The only weapon on this list that uses Energy ammo, it remains a highly powerful long-distance weapon. Although unable to use the proper Sniper scopes, it can still cover some distance and shred through enemies with accurate shots. The Triple Take is a favourite among players, being able to cover a decent distance, but up close, can also be a pretty powerful shotgun to the chest to an unlucky target.

TargetDamageShots to kill [note 1]
100 HP150 HP175 HP200 HP225 HP
 Level 1 Helmet11112223
 Level 2 Helmet9922233
 Level 3/4 Helmet9622233

Pros and cons


  • High damage.
  • High projectile speed.
  • Low projectile drop.
  • Fires 3 projectiles in a horizontal spread, which provides a higher chance of damaging evasive targets.
  • Good hipfire performance thanks to the low bullet spread and the three shots fired in a horizontal line similarly to the Mastiff Shotgun.


  • Slowest fire rate out of all marksman weapons.
  • Damage is split over 3 projectiles.
  • Fully choked shots are required for maximum damage at long range. As a result, the fire rate is further reduced.

So which one?

Basically… Each of the Snipers benefit different players. If you have excellent aim, you’ll be scary with the Sentinel. If you’ve not got the best aim but you still want to deal good long-distance damage, then the Charge Rifle. But if you want more damage and less focus, then you’re better taking the Longbow or the Triple Take. The Snipers in Apex are all really good in their own ways but while one person might be amazing with one, another might not be. The Snipers aren’t quite as equal as other weapons in game, but it does feel all the more rewarding when you do finally land that difficult shot.

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