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Apex Legends gameplay trailer reveals Ash’s abilities and monsters

A new weapon, new character, new map and new monsters!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:54 pm
Apex Legends gameplay trailer reveals Ash’s abilities and monsters

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Not long ago was Ash announced and revealed to be the new Legend. But other than that announcement, we didn’t get to really see her in action. And then shortly after we also had the new map revealed: Storm Point. Along with a new legend, a new map and a new gun, we’ve also seen that the new map will feature an exciting new mechanic altogether.

Certain Apex maps feature various beasties here and there, with the Prowlers in World’s Edge and the Flyers in Kings Canyon and Leviathans in Kings Canyon. However, until now, they haven’t been quite as active as they are on Storm’s Point.

Storm Point’s Wildlife

Apart from being a gorgeous island getaway, Storm’s Point also looks to be a haven for the local wildlife. Wildlife that’ll be letting us know we’re on their terf. In the trailer, we can primarily see Prowlers and giant spiders. Both of which are likely restricted to a particular area of the map.


And during the trailer, it looked as though they emerge from specific burrows. These burrows will likely ‘activate’ when players tread too close. Or perhaps other players might be able to trigger it from afar, unleashing a flurry of beasts upon an unsuspecting squad.

Ash’s abilities

Thanks to the gameplay trailer, we’ve got to see a little more of Ash in action. We got to see one of her finishers as well as her abilities. More notably was her tactical ability which launches an electro orb that tethers an enemy to it. Meaning they’ll stuck to it for some time before they can move out of it’s range. But in that time, they’re an easy target for Ash and her squad.

ash 2

We also got to see her ultimate, a quick dash away leaving a portal behind. Although it’s a little tricky to gauge it’s use from the trailer, we’ll be sure to see it in action soon.

The Heavy and Light weapon C.A.R SMG

A new addition to the game is the C.A.R SMG, a gun people will recognise from Titanfall. The C.A.R is unique though, in that is uses both light and heavy ammo.


When is Apex Legends Season 11?

All of this, including the new map, character and gun will be live on November 2nd.

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