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Apex Legends New Leaked Weapon: Nemesis Burst AR

Apex Legends leaked their newest weapon during the Evolution Trailer.

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Did you notice the potential Easter Egg hidden within the newest Apex Legends trailer for its Evolution event? Apex Legends New Weapon has been leaked!



With Rampart taking over the arena, visuals in the trailer showed that we are getting an Apex Legends New Weapon.

The Nemesis Burst AR was spotted in the trailer by those particularly perceptive enough during the clips of the new arena shop layout.


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While we don’t know what the Nemesis looks like – as the logo used in the trailer is identical to the R-301 Carbine – there is a lot we can discern about this weapon.


Burst Fire

Whether the name will change or not, Burst AR is also shared by the Hemlok.

The heavy D-tier Assault rifle fires 3 bullets per click for a health 20 damage per body shot. Due to the similar name and same price within the arena, we can assume that the Nemesis is another burst-fire weapon.


Energy Weapon

Secondly, the attachments. The Nemesis is going to be an energy weapon. The trailer clearly shows it with a slot for an energy mag along with a barrel stabiliser, a sight and a standard stock.

So case closed. The Nemesis is an energy Hemlok?

Well let’s look a bit deeper. For those familiar with Titanfall 2, an Energy based burst fire weapon may sound familiar.


EM 4 cold War Nemesis Burst AR


The EM-4 Cold War is a four round burst fire energy grenade launcher made by Vinson Dynamics.

Considering Ash has been kicked out of the Arena and was initially rebuilt by Vinson Dynamics, perhaps she was planning on introducing the Nemesis.

The big reason why I believe the Nemesis will be a rebuild of the EM-4 Cold War is its name. Nemesis was a goddess who punished the overconfident. The EM-4 Cold War had splash damage, so if you were to start using this weapon you would also take a lot of damage if you weren’t careful. But like the Greek goddess this weapon demands respect.

Titanfall Weapons

Considering the fair majority of Apex’s weapons are rebranded Titanfall 2 ones, this could be no different. The EPG1 and the CAR SMG are weapons that exist in the games files but not currently in-game.


Take this Apex Legends New Weapon with a grain of salt, as we’re only speculating but also hoping!

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