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Best Apex Legends Team Comps Season 13

The best trios Season 13 has to offer.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022 9:59 am
Best Apex Legends Team Comps Season 13

Season 13 introduced a massive ranked rework and it has completely changed the Apex Legends team comps dynamic.

You can no longer focus just on kills. Placement matters just as much if you want to earn a high amount of ranked points every match.

With Storm Point and World’s Edge being in the ranked map pool this season, here are the best Apex Legends team comps in Season 13.

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Gibraltar, Valkyrie, and Caustic

Apex Legends Team Comps Season 13

This is one of the best Apex Legends team comps to play in Season 13 if are in a coordinated squad. One of the biggest problems that both Gibraltar and Caustic face is that they are easy to take down if caught in the open owing to their large hit boxes. Having a Valkyrie in the team allows you to rotate easily and make use of Gibraltar and Caustic’s tactical abilities to hold down areas. 

Both Caustic and Gibraltar have offensive ultimates that can completely shut down some areas or even secure crucial kills in big team fights. Valkyrie’s recon passive allows her to scan zones and rotate early into zones where Caustic can set up inside buildings and prevent other Apex Legends team comps from pushing the team.


  • Extremely defensive combo
  • Can revive teammates safely 
  • Safe rotations with Valkyrie 


  • Vulnerable to aggressive Crypto and Mad Maggie teams 
  • Gibraltar is not ideal for solo queue

Apex Legends Team Comps – Wattson, Newcastle, and Valkyrie 

Apex Legends Team Comps Season 13

This is a variation on one of the Apex Legends team comps we mentioned earlier but it trades an invulnerable bubble from Gibraltar for Wattson’s Shield Generator. Wattson can completely shut down certain ultimates and prevent players from getting grenade spammed to death.

While Newcastle has some advantages over Gibraltar, his ultimate has several weaknesses as well. One of the biggest problems with Newcastle’s Castle Wall is that enemies can throw grenades behind cover and you have no means of protecting yourself.

Gibraltar on the other hand has no such issues as he can drop his bubble to protect his teammates. But if you pair Newcastle with Wattson, you not only protect your team’s Shield Generator, but you also stay much safer behind Newcastle’s ultimate and offensive ultimates cannot affect you. Valkyrie’s purpose is to scan survey beacons and help Apex Legends team comps rotate into zones safely.


  • Can negate several ultimate abilities
  • The team works great even in open zones
  • Can heal shields with Shield Generator


  • Very vulnerable team if Shield Generator gets destroyed
  • Newcastle has a high skill ceiling 

Apex Legends Team Comps – Seer, Horizon, and Valkyrie

Seer is slowly overtaking the spot once dominated by Bloodhound. Unlike Bloodhound, who has a very long cooldown to scan enemies, Seer can spot nearby enemies by aiming down sights. He doesn’t need to use abilities to gain crucial intel on enemy positioning, which makes him very useful in any situation.

Horizon replaces Gibraltar in this variation of Apex Legends team comps. You trade your defensive capabilities for an all-out offensive combo. Horizon’s ultimate abilities can suck enemies into her vortex and you can rain ordinances on them to secure easy kills. The lack of Gibraltar or Newcastle can be frustrating but if you want to play one of the more offensive line-up, this is one of the best Apex Legends team comps to run in Season 13.


  • Extremely high offensive capabilities
  • Can win team fights off of Horizon’s ultimate
  • Can track down enemies without ability usage


  • Zero defensive capabilities 
  • Weak to Defensive Bombardment and Rolling Thunder

Seer’s sudden rise in popularity has completely shaken the meta and pro teams are also experimenting with characters like Mad Maggie and Ash in their lineups.

If you are someone who prefers Bloodhound to Seer and want to master the legend, check out our Bloodhound guide. For more on the latest Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands lore drop, head to EA’s official site.

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