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Are the Divine Beasts in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Updated: May 23, 2023 1:31 pm

The Legend of Zelda has a reputation when it comes to its dungeons. The franchise as a whole is known for having elaborate dungeons that make you think. Breath of the Wild changed the dungeon formula with the Divine Beasts.

The Divine Beasts were massive creatures that you needed to overcome. Once inside, they became large three-dimensional puzzles. They forced players to think outside the box. If you completed them, you were rewarded with a huge milestone. Are the Divine Beasts in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Nintendo could be going a different route.

Are divine beasts in Tears of the Kingdom?

No, divine beasts are not in Tears of the Kingdom, unfortunately. We were unsure at first whether the game would have divine beasts or not. Now that Tears of the Kingdom has released it’s comfortable to conclude that divine beasts don’t make an appearance, at least physically.

Technically, divine beasts are in the game – as a collectible and a helmet you can collect later in the game. The writers at Den of Geek mentioned that with the right amiibo, it is a slight possibility you could receive helmets reminiscent of them.

While this isn’t exactly what was wanted, it remains to be a slight and subtle tribute to divine beasts which were once integrated in the Zelda universe.

Of course, it is hard to say for sure if there will be dungeons or not. Nintendo has been very selective of what they are willing to show before release. At least we know the Master Sword is broken.

Are divine beasts in Tears of the Kingdom?

Unfortunately, Divine Beasts are not in Tears of the Kingdom compared to the past Zelda games.

Why aren’t Divine Beasts in Tears of the Kingdom?

There could be many reasons, but the most common may be popularity.

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