Back 4 Blood early access – How to play Back 4 Blood early

Here is how to play Back 4 Blood early.

Back 4 Blood Early Access

Back 4 Blood is due to release on October 12, with the global launch schedule now available. However, if you own the Back 4 Blood Ultimate or Deluxe editions, you are entitled to the Back 4 Blood early access, which kick off on October 7 at various times.

Back 4 Blood Early Access

The Back 4 Blood early access is scheduled to go live on Thursday, October 7. The times the early access goes live differs depending on the platform you are plan on playing the game. If you are on Xbox, Windows, or PlayStation, you should expect to see Back 4 Blood go live at the following times:

  • 04:00 PT
  • 07:00 ET
  • 12:00 BST
  • 13:00 CEST

However, if you are on Steam or Epic Game Store, then your Back 4 Blood early access goes live at:

  • 08:00 PT
  • 11:00 ET
  • 16:00 BST
  • 17:00 CEST

The two different global launches are down to the accessibility of the platform. There are four hours between the game launching across all platforms. So, if you’re planning on early accessing and playing crossplay, then you’ll more than likely need to wait an extra four hours before that gets going.

How to play Back 4 Blood Early

If you want to play Back 4 Blood early, you’ll need to pre-order the game with the Digital Delux edition or the Ultimate Editions. Both versions grant access to the annual pass, along with the four days early access.

Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition Bonuses

  • If you decide you want the Back 4 Blood Ultimate edition bonuses, know you get:
  •  Base Game
  • 4 days Early Access to Back 4 Blood
  • Annual Pass: Three upcoming downloadable content drops with New Story, Playable Characters, Special Mutated Ridden, and more
  • 4 Character Battle Hardened Skin Pack
  • Additional digital in-game items: Rare Banner, Emblem, Spray, Title