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Sorcerer Metamagics Baldur’s Gate 3

What are the Metamagics available in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 10:31 am
Baldurs Gate 3 Sorcerer Class 1

Sorcerers have their magic inherently, in most cases they were born with their magical prowess. Although, in gameplay terms, they’re different from the other mages of the game. Clerics can swap out their spells as they see fit, Druids have the ability to Wild Shape as well as change their spells more regularly too, Warlocks get their spells back after a short rest and Wizards can learn new spells. So what’s Sorcerer’s gimmick, why should you choose them over another spellcasting class? Metamagic.

Metamagic is the sorcerer-specific ability that they have, and it can turn the tide in your favor. There are different kinds of Metamagic abilities, each of which will help bolster your spells in different ways. Here are all the Metamagics that Sorcerers in Baldur’s Gate 3 has:


Metamagic – Careful Spell

Allies automatically succeed Saving Throws against spells that require them.

Cost: 1 Sorcery Point per Spell

Metamagic – Distant Spell

Increase the range of spells by 50%. Spells with a range of 1.5m are increased to 9m.

Cost: 1 Sorcery Point per Spell.

Metamagic – Extended Spell

Double the duration of Conditions, summons, and surfaces caused by spells.

Cost:  Sorcery Point per Spell.

Metamagic – Heightened Spell

Targets of spells that require Saving Throws have Disadvantage on their first Saving Throw.

Cost: 3 Sorcery Point per Spell.

Metamagic – Quickened Spell

Spells that take an Action take a Bonus Action Instead.

Cost: 3 Sorcery Point per Spell.

Metamagic – Subtle Spell

You can cast spells while Silenced.

Cost: 1 Sorcery Point per spell

Metamagic – Twinned Spell

Spells that only target 1 creature can target an additional creature

Cost: 1 Sorcery Point per Spell Slot level used. 

There are many more Metamagics in the core D&D game, but for the time being these are the only Sorcerer Metamagics in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you want to know which ones we think are the best then you can find it in our Sorcerer guide.

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