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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Console Commands – Cheats and more in 2022

Updated: May 8, 2022 10:58 pm
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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a fantastic re-release of one of the original classic CRPGs based around Dungeons & Dragons. These enhanced ports from Beamdog have given the gameplay and visuals of the title a much-needed overhaul, not to mention making it possible to actually play them on any PC released after 2003. Having said that, the game is also incredibly unforgiving my modern standards, which is where console commands can come in.

If you’re struggling with the game, or just want to mess around and see what sort of fun you can have, console commands are there for you. These special commands will change the way that you experience the game completely, from giving you insane stats, to teleporting you around the map with the click of your mouse cursor. Check out the amazing console commands that we’ve found for you down below.

How to Enable the Console

So to make the console acceptable in the game you’re going to need to mess with some internal files, but don’t panic, it’s not that difficult. Head for your documents directory and find the Baldur’s Gate – Enhanced Edition folder. Inside, you’ll find a file called Baldur.lua, which you can open using the notepad. Once inside, copy the line below into the file on a new line. Once that’s done, you can open the console in-game by pressing Ctrl and Space together.

SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Cheat Keys

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition Standing ARound

As well as entering commands, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition has several special features that you can use called Cheat Keys. Once you’ve got the command console enabled, enter the command below to enable cheat keys. From then on, you can use the combinations below to get the effect you desire.

C: EnableCheatKeys()

These are the most important effects that you can achieve with Cheat keys.

Cheat Key EffectCheat Key Combo
Change your visual rangeCtrl+E
Teleports you to the position of your mouse cursorCtrl+J
Heals character under the mouse cursorCtrl+H
Advance time by 1 hourCtrl+T
Kills creature under the mouse cursorCtrl+Y
Keeps the screen centered on the character under the mouse cursorCtrl+P
Creature under mouse curser joins the partyCtrl+Q
Creature under mouse curse leaves the partyCtrl+K
(if used at stat selection screen) Gives maxed statsCtrl+8

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Teleportation Console Commands

As well as the fun stuff above, you can use the following command to teleport to various locations around the gameworld. Each area has it’s own area code, but we’ve only listed the most important ones on the sheet below. When you open the console, you can scroll through a list of area codes at the top right of the screen. Use the code here as a template:

C: MoveToArea("[AreaID]")

These are the important places you can get to in the game, at least you can get to most other places in the game by using the places we’ve supplied to you.

Area NameArea ID
Baldur’s Gateg
Friendly Arm InnAR2300
Cloakwood DruidsAR1600

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Cheat Console Commands

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition In The City

While the cheat keys above will fulfill most of your needs throughout the game, you can also use a few different commands to do some interesting stuff. Check out the list below for the most interesting commands at your disposal.

Command EffectConsole Command
Adds [amount] of gold to the partyC: AddGold ([amount])
Explores the area you’re in, revealing the mapC: ExploreArea ()
Sets your current XP to [amount]C: SetCurrentXP (“[amount]”)
Summons a Young Green DragonC: CreateCreature (“bddrggry”)
Summons a SkeletonC: CreateCreature (“cdmhskel”)
Summons a Demon KnightC: CreateCreature (“DEATHK”)

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