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Battlefield 2042 Vehicle List: Latest Updates & Leaks

We take a look at all the most recent Battlefield 2042 vehicles leaks

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The battlefield series has a long history of vehicular combat. Even as far back as the first game in the series, players were getting into jets and jeeps and pulling off some truly stunning gameplay moments. With the upcoming Battlefield 2042 being set in the near future, there are sure to be some insane high-tech vehicles for players to get their grubby hands on.

So far we know about a handful of the vehicles from the game, but there are sure to be more on the way since the previous title had 24 vehicles to choose from. Here’s our list of the current vehicles we know about, and any details that we have.

Air Vehicles

  • AH640GX Apache Warchief Attack Helicopter
  • F-35 Panther Jet
  • MD540 Nightbird Helicopter
  • MV38-Condor
  • SU-57 Elon Jet

The AH640GX Apache Warchief Attack Helicopter looks to be the bread-and-butter of aerial combat for Battlefield 2042. While not as fast as some of the jets on the list, it offers a decent amount of attack power and maneuverability. The Condor, on the other hand, seems like it’s a fair bit slower, but comes with the all-important ability to hold a squad of 6 people plus a pilot, so with the larger and more vertically-themed maps, you’ll probably find this one indispensable. The Nightbird is an agile helicopter with middling attack strength.

The two jets on the list, the F-35 Panther and SU-57, are relatively comparable, being some of the best jets that the United States and Russia produce respectively. In all likelihood, these vehicles will feel very similar in terms of controls in-game, but will only be available to you depending on your team.

Land Vehicles

  • Futuristic Auto Rickshaw
  • EBAA Wildcat
  • M1A5 Tank
  • T28 Tank
  • Quad Bike/ATV

The strangest part of this list is the first entry, the Auto Rickshaw. If you don’t know, a rickshaw is a 3-wheel vehicle, sometimes drawn by someone on a bike or moped, and historically pulled along by a person just running really fast. We have almost no details about this particular vehicle in Battlefield 2042, apart from the name. Typically an auto-rickshaw can also refer to a Tuk-tuk, a flat-backed truck-ish variant of a rickshaw with a proper engine. It looks like we’ll have to wait for the open beta to get any solid details on this one for now.

The other land vehicles we know about are a much more standard affair. The EBAA Wildcat is a modified version of the real-life EBRC Jaguar, an armored recon vehicle put into use by the French military in 2020. The real thing features a 40mm canon, a 7.62mm machine gun, and anti-tank missiles, so we can presumably expect the weapons on the in-game variant to be pretty damn similar.

The Two main tanks features here are the M1A5 and T28. While the Abrahms M1A5 isn’t anything special to write home about, the T28 is the name of a prototype super tank from the early 20th century, so it’ll be interesting to get some concrete details on what exactly that name is doing on a vehicle in a game set in 2042. The last land vehicle we can be sure of is an unnamed quadbike/ATV, which will probably be as standard as they come.

Water Vehicles

  • Christy 6183 Hovercraft
  • Unnamed RHIB
  • Unnamed Personal Water Vehicle

These water or amphibious vehicles are where things start to get interesting. The Christy 6183 is a commercially available hovercraft that is designed for rough conditions, so presumably, the version that we’ve already seen in-game is probably a hardened version that should come with some weapon support if it plans on being useful. There’s also the FNSS ZAHA MAV, an amphibious vehicle intended for transporting troops in safety with heavy armor.

The final two vehicles we have confirmed are an unnamed rigid-hull inflatable boat and an unnamed personal watercraft. Both of these are liable to be pretty standard inclusions, but it will be interesting to see how the personal watercraft play into the map design of the game when the open beta finally drops later this year.

Changes to Vehicles in Battlefield 2042

There have been a few changes to the way that vehicles will work in Battlefield 2042 when compared with previous entries in the series. All of the game’s vehicles, as far as we know, will be available to everyone from the get-go. No need to level up so you can unlock the vehicles that you really want to use, which is a nice touch. Instead, unlocks are apparently going to be geared more towards changing the vehicle loadouts rather than the vehicles themselves.

Secondly, you’ll no longer come across random vehicles on the map, at least not by default. Because of how huge the new maps are, there has been a lot of concern from the developers that players would struggle to actually find any damn vehicles in the first place. Instead, you’ll be able to call in a vehicle drop when you need one, although limits will be in place to prevent every squad from spawning the same jet and turning the game into HAWX.

Even with restrictions in place, it seems like vehicle combat in Battlefield 2042 is going to be hectics, chaotic, and a total blast. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that EA/DICE do a fair bit of testing and balancing before the full release.

The Final Word

There you have it, all of the details of the vehicles that we know about for the upcoming Battlefield 2042. A lot of these details have come from reliable Battlefield data miner Temporyal on twitter, but we’re sure to get more official details as time goes by. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date as soon as we get any more details about 2042. If you’re nostalgic for the rest of the series you should also think about checking out our list of the best games in the series while you’re waiting for the new release. Let us know which vehicle you’re most excited about in the comments below.

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