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Battlefield 2042 no XP fix rolled out for 128 player servers

Battlefield 2042 seems to have have a no xop bug that is now working as intended.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
Battlefield 2042 known issues

Battlefield 2042’s early access kicked off yesterday, November 11, with players jumping into its post-apocalyptic future. However, since the game is only playable under the early access rules, the game is technically still under development until the 17. As a result, quite a few bugs are knocking around at the minute, one of them being a Battlefield 2042 no xp bug.

Some of the players throughout the day 1 early access launch have experienced a no Battlefield 2042 no XP bug. For some reason, their achievements in their play sessions rewarded nothing. Considering all Battlefield games require you to level up to unlock new weapons, skins and other goodies, it’s a pretty big blow to account progression.

The good news is that DICE got the feedback on this bug promptly. DICE hotfixed a server-side issue affecting the 128 player servers. The update rolled out through the early morning European time, aka late night in the U.S When you get on the game to play, you should find the servers are working fine.

However, since a server-side issue largely causes the bug, you should still pay attention in case it comes back. The giveaway that you are on a broken server is the lack of Score Confirmations. If you capture a point, kill a player or do another point rewarding activity, you get no points, then leave. You should also report the issue to the devs on the forums or let the CS team on social media know.

Now that the bug fix is sorted, you should be able to level up and progress to your heart’s content. If you encounter any more bugs, it turns out the game is not entirely bug-free. Keep an eye on them so the devs can sort them out now the game has got enough players to weed out even the smallest bug.

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