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Battlefield 2042 beta controls for PC, Xbox, & PlayStation

What are the controls for Battlefield 2042 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation? Let's take a look

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:35 pm
Battlefield 2042 beta controls

The Battlefield 2042 open access beta is now underway, giving everyone on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation a taste of all-out warfare. As this is an open beta, the game is attracting a lot of players who may have never tried a Battlefield title before, leading to many first-timers asking what the Battlefield 2042 beta controls for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation are.

Of course, if you are a seasoned veteran you have probably wasted no time in remapping the controls to fit your preferred layout, with the new features being the only fresh controls you have to learn. For everyone else, we are going to run through the main controls across all platforms, so you look less like a bot.

Battlefield 2042 beta controls

We are going to look at the movement controls, how to fire your weapon, melee, picking up items, vaulting, and more! Bear in mind these are all default controls, you can change them in the settings if needed.

Battlefield 2042 beta controls on PC

Move:  W/A/S/D KeysZoom:  Right Mouse Button
Sprint:  Shift (Hold)Fire:  Left Mouse Button
Look:  MouseGrenade:  G Key
Melee:  F KeyReload:  R Key
Crouch:  Left Ctrl or Hold C KeyCall-In Menu:  B Key (Hold)
Prone:  Z KeyVOIP:  Left Alt Key
Slide:  Z Key (While sprinting)Chat:  H Key
Jump:  SpacebarFull Map:  M Key
Vault:  Spacebar + Move towards obstacleMenu:  Esc Key
Enter/Exit Vehicles:  E KeySwap Seat (Vehicle):  F1 to F8
Revive:  E Key (Hold) 
Plus Menu:  T KeyNumber Keys:
Comorose/Ping:  Q Key (Hold)Switch Primary/Secondary Weapon:  1, 2
 Specialty:  3
 Open Gadget:  4
Battlefield 2042 beta controls on PC

PC players also have the option of connecting a controller, strange I know, but if you choose to use a controller then see the Xbox controls below.

Battlefield 2042 beta controls on Xbox

Move:  Left StickZoom:  LT
Sprint:  Left Stick (Click)Fire:  RT
Look:  Right StickSwitch Primary/Secondary Weapon:  Y
Melee:  Right Stick (Click)Specialty:  Left D-Pad
Crouch:  BOpen Gadget:  Right D-Pad
Prone:  B (Hold)Grenade:  Up D-Pad
Slide:  B (While sprinting)Reload:  X
Jump:  ACall-In Menu:  RB (Hold) + Select Call-Ins
Vault:  A + Move towards obstacleFull Map:  Menu Button
Enter/Exit Vehicles:  XMenu:  Options Button
Revive:  X (Hold)Swap Seat (Vehicle):  A
Plus Menu:  LB (Hold) 
Comorose/Ping:  RB (Hold)
Battlefield 2042 beta controls on Xbox min

The Xbox One and Xbox SeriesX/S controls are the same.

Battlefield 2042 beta controls on PlayStation

Move:  Left StickZoom:  L2
Sprint:  Left Stick (Click)Fire:  R2
Look:  Right StickSwitch Primary/Secondary Weapon:  Triangle
Melee:  Right Stick (Click)Specialty:  Left Directional Button
Crouch:  CircleOpen Gadget:  Right Directional Button
Prone:  Circle (Hold)Grenade:  Up Directional Button
Slide:  Circle (While sprinting)Reload:  Square
Jump:  CrossCall-In Menu:  R1 (Hold) + Select Call-Ins
Vault:  Cross + Move towards obstacleFull Map:  Touchpad (Press)
Enter/Exit Vehicles:  SquareMenu:  Options Button
Revive:  Square (Hold)Swap Seat (Vehicle):  Cross
Plus Menu:  L1 (Hold) 
Comorose/Ping:  R1 (Hold) 
Battlefield 2042 beta controls on PlayStation min

The PS4 and PS5 Battlefield 2042 beta controls are the same.

How to fly a helicopter in the Battlefield 2042 beta

Flying a helicopter in Battlefield 2042 can be quite challenging to new players but we are going to run through the basic controls to help you take off and at least get a bit of flight time before plummeting to your death.

  • Pressing forwards is what makes the helicopter climb (accelerate upward).
  • Left and right will make you turn to either side without any tilt.
  • To move forwards, press your thumbstick forwards or pull your mouse down (towards you)

You can fly the chopper in first and third person and it is going to take some getting used to but at least you can now take off.

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