Battlefield 2042 server status – Is BF2402 down?

BF2402 server status was down this morning, here's everything we know

Battlefield 2042 server status min

The Battlefield 2042 beta has been enjoyed by those who pre-ordered or subscribed to EA Play over the last two days, however, with open access about to commence, DICE has put BF2042 into maintenance mode. The BF2402 server status was showing as down this morning but don’t worry, it was just routine maintenance to ensure the open access beta runs as smoothly as possible. There is going to be a huge amount of players trying to get online today, so we will have a look at when the servers are going back online.

Battlefield 2042 server status

Is Battlefield 24042 down? At the moment of writing this, yes, however, it is only temporary due to planned maintenance.

The BF2042 open access will now commence at 9 am UTC/ 10 am BST/ 2 am PT.

The Battlefield 2402 servers were previously knocked offline on Wednesday when the first wave of players was trying to access the early beta. At the time, many players reported getting the ‘Unable to connect to the EA servers‘ and ‘Please check your Internet connection, make sure the Platform Client is online, and try again. Please see for more information‘ messages, creating a lot of frustration.

To make things worse, we saw some rather strange bugs with players getting stuck at the main menu, struggling to link Origin accounts, and even the ‘click A/X to play‘ button not working.

Is Battlefield 2042 down?

If you start experiencing server issues after the times shown above, you can always check websites like Down detector, or Battlefield’s Twitter to see if it is just you with the issue. If it isn’t a server-side problem, you may need to reset your router in order to gain access

We are going to be closely monitoring Battlefield’s server status and updating this page accordingly with any updates.