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How to preload Battlefield 2042 beta on PS5

BF2042 open beta pre load now available on PS5

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:33 pm
How to preload Battlefield 2042 beta on PS5

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The Battlefield 2042 open beta is about to commence, with those who pre-ordered the game and subscribed to EA Play being able to play the beta right now! For everyone else though, you can preload the BF2042 beta in preparation for the general access starting on October 8th. We are going to be showing you how to preload the Battlefield 2042 beta on PS5, so you don’t miss a beat when the event goes live.

How to preload Battlefield 2042 open beta on PS5

Preloading Battlefield 2042 is as easy to do on the PS5 as it is on every other platform, however, for those that have never pre-loaded a beta before, we are going to run through the steps, making sure you get into those servers as soon as the event drops.

Fire up your PS5, select the search icon from the home screen, and search for ‘Battlefield 2042 Open Beta‘.

How to preload Battlefield 2042 beta on PS51 min

Next, select the Open Beta, and then hit ‘Download

How to preload Battlefield 2042 beta on PS52 min

The BF2402 beta will now be added to your Downloads/Uploads queue and will become available to play on the relevant access date.

How to preload Battlefield 2042 beta on PS53 min

Battlefield 2042 PS5 preload file size

The BF2042 PS5 preload file size is 16.87 GB, so make sure you’ve got the space before downloading.

How to preload Battlefield 2042 open beta on PS4

On your PlayStation, head to the PS Store and search for ‘Battlefield 2402‘ and select the game.

Now, head down to the demo section, select the ‘Battlefield 2042 Open Beta‘, and then select ‘Download‘.

Battlefield 2042 PS5 beta details

Your preloaded beta will allow you to play on Battlefield’s iconic sandbox mode – Conquest, with action that will consist of several flags rather than individual control points. We will also get to see the Orbital map and meet four of the Specialists – Webster, Maria, Pyotr, and Wikus.

Looking to preload Battlefield 2042 on another platform?

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