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All current known issues in Battlefield 2042 early access

DICE have released a full list of known issues in BF2042, and urge fans to report any that might not be there

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:09 pm
battlefield 2042 known issues

Battlefield 2042 is now in early access, and as such, there are of course going to be some teething problems. DICE are working hard to get issues fixed as soon as possible, though, and have released a full list of known bugs.

As we can see from the speed at which EA fixed their server issues on November 12th, 2021, and DICE’s desire to change an inappropriate skin name, both the developer and publisher are making huge efforts to make Battlefield 2042 the best it can be.

Known Battlefield 2042 issues

Battlefield 2042 known issues

A full list of current bugs has been published to ea.com, with their appropriate fixes (if they exist). Here are some of the most pressing known bugs in Battlefield 2042 at the moment.

Live service issues


There is an issue in which some players may find themselves stuck in an infinite queue when trying to load into extremely popular modes. This will leave you unable to leave the queue without fully closing the game. EA have noted that this should have improved following an earlier server issue fix, but may still be an issue. There is no proper fix for this at the moment, other than hard-quitting the game, but it is being looked into.


Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield has had to be disabled temporarily as it is not behaving as intended. This will affect All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal.

To be fixed in a future update

  • Some servers are displaying instances of rubberbanding on the Breakaway map when silos are destroyed — all platforms.
  • There have been some reports of graphics flickering in the Discarded map when playing on PC, or next-gen consoles.
  • Most concerning, there has been an issue within the Manifest map on PlayStation 5 which could trigger those with photosensitivity. There can be a flickering within the lighting systems while near the weather station when the building is in a destroyed state.
  • Even with subtitles turned on, they are not showing up in video tutorials — all platforms.
  • On PlayStation 5, there are a couple of instances where progression or rewards will not unlock when criteria is met. These are the Med-Pen Mastery Badge, which will not track progression after level 25, and the Captain Caspian Playercard Background.

For any immediate news on issues and resolutions in Battlefield 2042, check the official Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter feed.

How to report any new issues

Always make sure you check the known bug list before reporting anything to EA, so as not to duplicate reports. This will allow EA to investigate and repair errors quicker.

If the issue is not currently known, then head to the Battlefield 2042 bug report page on EA’s website.

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