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How to beat Bloonarius (BTD6)

Bloons Tower Defence 6 is a crazy game with some fiendish bosses. They are no match for you though with the correct strategy

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:37 am

If you are here you know all about the evils of trying to beat Bloonarius the Inflater in BTD6. We assume getting past this pesky boss has driven you to the end of your tether and now you need a little help. Welcome.

Here we will be looking at the best strategies to see off Bloonarius and also digging up some other useful information that might help win the battle. Let’s start off with some tactics.

Beat Bloonarius

Bloonarius comes in two forms depending on where you are in the game. First, we have normal Bloonarius and later on, we get Elite Bloonarious. What this teaches us very early on is if we struggle to beat the Bloon man in his regular form then Elite Bloonarious is going to make mincemeat out of you.

To all intents and purposes the only difference (apart from appearance) is that Elite Bloonarius has a massive HP buff over the regular one, so while the same kinds of strategy will work to defeat either, you have to be prepared to concentrate and employ it for much longer periods of time in order to get past him.

If you are going to take him out you need to be greedy early game and build up your income as soon as possible – all the while keeping up with the strength of the incoming Bloons.

As you force damage on Bloonarious he will spew countless bloons that don’t give you any extra income so you need to manage your resources consistently.

He may be really slow meaning you can get damage on him regularly but remember, with each blow you land the more bloons he releases and if you aren’t careful here you can quickly get overwhelmed and lose.

bloons freeplay

Counter Bloonarious’ Bloon spawn

Overdrive helps to damage the early stages of Bloonarius whereas M.A.D is effective against Tier 2 and 3.

When you move up to Tier 3 add Super brittle and by the time you get to Tier 5, you will need to be adding in the VTSG for extra firepower to get by.

If you are desperate to use powers against him you need to be investing heavily in money-generating powers like Thrive and Cash-Drop.

Top Tip:

Try really hard to keep Bloonarius away from the end of the track if still has skulls on his health bar or he will spawn ballons when you damage him close to the exit and they will automatically leak out.

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