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Best Barbarian Build in Diablo 4

Updated: Jun 4, 2023 7:28 am
Best Barbarian Build in Diablo 4

The Barbarian is one of the melee classes in Diablo 4 that uses powerful weapons to rip and tear through enemies with abilities like whirlwind and rend. When you want to deal some major damage and even get some bonus damage reduction, the Barbarian is the class for you.

There are many builds that you can make for the Barbarian but not all of them will have the insane berserking power as the Hammer of the Ancients build. Are you prepared to go toe-to-toe with the demons and undead? Here is the best Barbarian build in Diablo 4.

So if you’re in the early access for Diablo 4, or are counting down to its release, we give you a good guide to brush up so you can have the best experience with the class.

Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian Build Guide in Diablo 4

The Hammer of the Ancients build is one that comes from previous Diablo games and has made its way to Diablo 4. The premise of this build is simple – gain Fury as quickly as possible. Once you have Fury, spend it on dealing massive direct damage and AoE damage.

Unlike classes like the druid, the barbarian class is built for dealing out massive amounts of damage and the Hammer of the Ancients build does just that. This build will help fortify your character, raise their maximum health, and allow them to deal damage with quick cooldowns.

Hammer of the Ancients Skills

The following skills are required for the Hammer of the Ancients build:

  • Basic Skills
    • Bash, Enhanced Bash, and Battle Bash
  • Core Skills
    • Hammer of the Ancients, Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients, Furious Hammer of the Ancients, and Endless Fury
  • Defensive Skills
    • Ground Stomp, Enhanced Ground Stomp, Tactical Ground Stomp, Rallying Cry, Enhanced Rallying Cry, Tactical Rallying Cry, Imposing Presence, Martial Vigor, Outburst, and Tough as Nails
  • Brawling Skills
    • Leap, Enhanced Leap, Power Leap, Swiftness
  • Weapon Mastery Skills
    • Pit Fighter, Thick Skin, Defensive Stance, Counteroffensive, and Hamstring
  • Ultimate Skills
    • Call of the Ancients, Prime Call of the Ancients, Supreme Call of the Ancients, Wallop, Concussion, Tempered Fury, and Invigorating Fury
  • Capstone Skill
    • Unbridled Rage

Some of the key features of this build are the skills Outburst, Tough as Nails, and Hamstring. These skills are used to apply bleed damage. The Swiftness skill is also useful for increased movement speed and dexterity. Other skills give you increased maximum life, bonus critical strike chances, and increased critical strike damage.

A majority of the skills are focused on Fury generation. Once Fury is generated, use Hammer of the Ancients as your primary damage skill. This build is great for dealing with groups of enemies just like the Whirlwind Barbarian Build.

Barbarian Arsenal System

For the Arsenal System, you should equip your two most powerful weapon bonuses. This should be a two-handed bludgeon.

Barbarian Technique Slot

For your Technique Slot, you should select one-handed mace expertise. Once done, equip two maces so you can duel-wield them.

Barbarian Armor

Be on the lookout for the following armor bonuses:

  • Helmet
    • Cooldown Reduction, Skill Ranks, Strength
  • Armor
    • Strength, Armor, Life
  • Gloves
    • Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance
  • Pants
    • Life, Strength
  • Boots
    • Movement Speed, Strength

Barbarian Weapons

As a barbarian, you will want to use a two-handed bludgeoning weapon as your main source of damage. You will also want one-handed maces to help increase your power.


Is Barbarian good in Diablo 4?

Yes, the Barbarian class can be a good role to go for in Diablo 4. It doesn’t have to be limited to just a tanky build but you can always opt for DPS as well and have flexible build depending on your style or needs.

What is the strongest class in Diablo 4?

According to some, the Barbarian is in fact the strongest class in Diablo 4, although if any patches to the game change the performance of the class that may change.

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