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Best base locations in Sons Of The Forest – where to build a base

Set up shop with the best base locations in Sons Of The Forest

Updated: Mar 2, 2023 3:11 pm
Best base locations in Sons Of The Forest – where to build a base

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It’s day to day survival in Sons Of The Forest, but where are the best base locations if you’re looking for somewhere to call home? Well, there are luckily quite a few nice places to set up camp, no matter where you crash land on the map in the beginning of the game. Picking the right place to start building your base will save you valuable time and resources.

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We’re going to give you some features to look out for when scouting for a place to build your base in Sons Of The Forest, as well as specific locations too.

Best base locations in Sons Of The Forest – things to consider

First off, let’s find out some of the key features to look out for if you want to a build a base in Sons Of The Forest. As you wander around this remote island, you’ll begin to notice some key features of the environment and terrain.

If you need to set up a base, and quickly, here are a few things to consider.

  • Look for somewhere with plenty of space to build. You don’t want to limit your building area.
  • Build near resources such as trees and water, as these are vital resources for survival.
  • Take note of nearby Cannibal camps. These enemies will be quicker to attack if you build near their own base. On the flipside, these camps are good for raiding if you have the tools to do so.
  • Higher ground will make it easier to defend, especially if you build defensive structures.
  • Build within a warmer climate for easier survival. This will also attract companions like Virginia.
  • You can always build a temporary base if you must, this is better than being stranded.

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Water base

There are plenty of resources to enjoy with a water base. You can find a ton of great places to build a base by water. Additionally, if you find somewhere shallow enough, you can simply build across and place the core of your structure in the middle of a river. This makes it harder for enemies to reach you and lets you focus on expanding your new base.

Logs will also float downstream if you want to collect them all in one place more easily.

sons of the forest water base
An ideal spot for building a base around water in Sons Of The Forest – in the north west of the island

Helicopter crash site base

There’s a helicopter crash site located in the central western part of the island, which is home to an abundance of resources. Here, you’re right by a river and surrounded by trees. Perfect for getting Kelvin to work and cutting them down.

The additional bonus here is of course the collection of resources free for you straight away, as you can recover useful items from the various suitcases and crates scattered around the crash site.

Tree house base

Now this is obviously not a particular location on the map, but that’s ideal if you’re completely lost for a safe place to start building. This isn’t a last resort choice either, as treehouses provide you with the additional safety of being off the ground. This makes it harder for many cannibals and mutants to reach you, though you still need to be wary of variants which can climb or jump high enough to infiltrate.

Building a tree shelter does cost you a ton of logs however, so it’s not the quickest base to build in an instant. We suggest clearing the area as much as possible to give your treehouse some clearance to prevent enemies from accessing it easily. Just be sure not to cut down the tree that the base is built upon, obviously.

sons of the forest tree house blueprint
Time to put together a tree house, otherwise known as the Tree Shelter in Sons Of The Forest – Tree Shelter 1 requires a rope

Food bunker cave base

Try to locate the food bunker cave entrance located in the north west of the island, which is a great place to build nearby if you want frequent access to the bunker. There are lots of food sources and plants (wild animals, berries) in the surrounding area. Access to the bunker means you can the visit labs and respawning food inside.

Building near useful cave entrances with access to resources is generally worth your while, though you may have to be weary of nearby enemies.

Do you need a base in Sons Of The Forest?

You may be thinking to yourself – why not just stay on the move? Well, although this can be a viable playstyle if you want to explore as much of the island as possible, it’s definitely not the best way of discovering all the crafting and building options in Sons Of The Forest. Besides, some of us enjoy building and improving our base until it’s a fortress.

Having a permanent base will allow you to improve your gear and create more elaborate buildings.

Despite that, there’s definitely value in exploring the island as much as possible. For this, you’ll still want to create a temporary base as you go along, ideally before the sun starts to set.

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