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Best graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy PS5 & Xbox Series X/S

Hogwarts Legacy graphics settings to look out for on console

Updated: Feb 14, 2023 9:55 am
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Everything you need to know if you’re looking for the best graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Hogwarts Legacy is here, and with the addition of Ray Tracing and HDR features, many are wondering what the best possible graphics settings are so they can optimize Hogwarts perfectly. Players can now jump into the vast expanses of the Hogwarts Legacy map and experience the true majesty of the wizarding world.

Early Access is over, meaning anyone can now jump in, grab a broom, and start flying too.

OK, enough about what you can do in this new RPG, what are the best graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S? We’ve put these popular console settings all in one place.

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Best graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy PS5 & Xbox

The amazing thing about the current-gen of consoles is that they can support such high graphical levels and still maintain the game’s in their entirety.

Best graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy PS5

This is why we firmly believe Fidelity with Raytracing is the best graphical option for most Hogwarts Legacy players on PlayStation 5, and to that end, Xbox Series X/S players too.

Players should also look to turn the Cap Frame Rate off, along with Motion Blur. Motion Blur tends to create a sense of speed, however, it can sometimes stop you from appreciating the environment.

Players should turn Depth Of Field on as it gives you a more realistic feel to the game.

You should probably turn Film Grain off as it creates image noise that isn’t really necessary.

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Best graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy at high resolution

If you want maximum fidelity on all platforms, you are going to want to select Fidelity mode and turn on Ray Tracing. With all your settings maxed the game will truly look spectacular, however, there is a performance question with this.

While higher resolutions can push hardware to its limits, you want to maximize the quality of the display and make Hogwarts Legacy look as good as possible.

For a smoother experience, you are going to want to select the graphics settings outlined above.

Best high-performance graphics settings for Hogwarts Legacy

If you would rather go for all-out performance rather than high fidelity or a nice balance, the easiest way to do this is to turn down some settings.

You can turn Ray Tracing off and lower graphical settings but be warned, the game won’t look as beautiful as it could.

Graphics modes available for Hogwarts Legacy PS5 & Xbox

The next-gen console versions of Hogwarts Legacy support multiple graphical modes of play, the most common of which are Fidelity mode which targets 30 fps, and Performance mode which targets 60 fps.

There are five main graphic modes you can select in-game to tailor your experience – Fidelity Mode, Fidelity with Raytracing, Performance Mode, Balanced, and HFR (High Frame Rate) Performance.

For those looking to get the most realistic graphics, you are going to want to select Fidelity with Raytracing but performance may suffer.

Both consoles also have a few smaller graphical settings that can add to the immersion such as Film Grain.

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Is VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) supported on Hogwarts Legacy PS5?

Yes, according to WB Support, this is very much green-lit.

Graphical modes for players who have Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)-supported TVs or monitors are supported for Hogwarts Legacy on PS5.

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Is HDR supported on Hogwarts Legacy?

This feature is only supported if your TV supports it.

Hogwarts Legacy has HDR built in so players can get a more realistic graphical experience.

Some struggle to sort their HDR settings so we have got the best right here to input:

  • HDR White Point: 849
  • HDR Black Point: 0
  • HDR Brightness: 9
  • User Interface Brightness: 1.0

What graphics modes are available for Hogwarts Legacy Xbox Series X/S?

As is the same for PlayStation 5 versions of Hogwarts Legacy, Fidelity mode (30fps) and Performance mode (60fps) are supported on Xbox Series X/S. This is the main decision you’ll need to make if you want to tinker with options while playing on console. Performance mode is great for those that prefer a smoother gameplay experience, while Fidelity mode aims for highest graphics and is more cinematic.

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