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Best Perks For Batman In MultiVersus

Vengeance...has arrived!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022 5:55 pm
Best Perks For Batman In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll show you the best perks for Batman in MultiVersus.

Another brusier-typer character, he is great when fighting opponents at close range however can be effective long too.

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His gadgets are very useful as a ranged attack so these perks equipped with Batman could be effective to create around!

Best Perks for Batman in MultiVersus

Source: Pro Game Guides, 2022

Now mentioned are the best perks we recommend to use for Batman in MultiVersus:

  • Bouncerang – This perk allows you to hit opponents with a batarang which bounces and returns back to you. While offering the maximum weakening effect and increases Batman’s damage output and killing power. This is a great perk to provide lethal execution style kills on weakening opponents.
  • Precision Grapple – With this perk, Batman’s grappling hook inflicts a big explosion once arrived. Once used however, Batman doesn’t deal much damage with it. It’s a good finishing perk once dealing more damage prior.
  • Coffezilla – When this perk is activated, your team receives a 10% ability cd (cooldown). An additional 15% cooldown reduction is given if allies have it on and stacks.
  • Gravity Manipulation – This perk helps with Batman as it balances out the lack of superpowers in his kit. When using this perk, your team also receives 10% fall speed, if allies stack it – an additional 10% is given.

Alongside the above perks mentioned, some other perks are useful for Batman too.

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Aerial Acrobat could be a useful perk which grants more air acceleration to you team with further stacking.

The best perks to build around Batman however would be Bouncerang and Precision Grapple.

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Once unlocked, these perks can become very lethal against opponents when using Batman.

However, these are only recommendations! See for yourself what suits you and your playstyle with Batman.

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