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Best Perks For Superman In MultiVersus

Up, up and away!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022 10:51 am

In this guide, we’ll recommend you the best perks for Superman in MultiVersus.

Being one of the most helpful heroes of all time, Superman has a plethora of attacks and abilities in his arsenal.

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Superman’s abilities can come across as overpowered.

However perks can provide some stability in the character which also match well with the characters’ kit and play style.

Best Perks for Superman in MultiVersus

Source: The Loadout, 2022

Here’s our recommended best perks for Superman in MultiVersus:

  • Flaming Re-Entry – This signature perk ignites opponents whilst leaving firewalls on the ground. It inflicts high extra damage to opponents and actually reduces the CD (Cooldown) duration. Make sure you actually hit opponents with this though! It can easily become ineffective.
  • Last Stand – A popular perk to synergise builds with, teams can deal an extra 10% damage after reaching 90 damage, if your allies have last stand attached it is also another 10% added on. A great 2v2 perk and overall team-friendly.
  • Wildcat Brawler – This perk is a great team-friendly one, it deals 5% increased damage with melee attacks. Similar to Last Stand, an additional 10% is given if other allies attach the perk.
  • Kryptonian Skin – It’s in the name. This perk increases the invincibility of Man from Krypton. When Superman equips this perk your team will receive 4% less incoming damage. A great survivability perk!

More perks can be unlocked once you level up Superman even further. Further perks to unlock include:

  • Triple Jump
  • Sniper Punch

Using triple jump however may be redundant for Superman’s hit as… he can fly.

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The best perks that are mandatory is Flaming Re-entry and Kryptonian Skin as a base for Superman builds.

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We’ll see how stronger Superman gets once Season One gets underway and if he’ll receive a buff or nerf, however that’s looking unlikely currently as Season One has been delayed! There is no indication for a further release date at the moment.

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