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Bring Back Finisher Previews To MW2

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 1:21 am
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While getting a finisher is not an easy task in MW2, you want to know that you will look good doing it. This is made much harder as all we know about a finisher before doing one is the small icon we use to select them. While this wasn’t always an issue, it has seen become a major problem that the community wants to be fixed. MW2 needs to bring back the finisher preview from 2019’s MW.

MW2 Finisher Preview Needs To Come Back

Finishing moves are the ultimate form of disrespect in MW2 and players love to unlock funny and cool moves to use on unaware opponents. However, a major issue has become apparent as more and more finishing moves get added to the game. There is no way to view moves without using them on someone.

Being able to preview how a finishing move will look on an operator is something that has been in the previous Call of Duty games and was even in 2019’s MW until it was silently removed for some reason. Whether this was due to engine limitations or some other reason, fans were not happy.

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Now with MW2 in full swing, the store sells various bundles with new finishing moves. This is making players call for the addition of a finishing move preview system for MW2 again. The ability to preview finishing moves is in the game as it was in 2019’s MW at one point and has been in both Cold War and WW2.

According to a Reddit post that brought this issue to light for many, the reason that the finish preview system was removed was to cut down on the ridiculous file size on 2019’s MW. However, the file size for MW2 without the preview system comes in at 81 GB, so was any space really saved?

Regardless of the response from Activision, this issue just adds to the long list of problems players have with MW2 at the moment. Despite having three seasons to address these issues, it just seems like more appear every season.

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