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How to find and kill Krampus in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard

Take down the demon-goat anti-Santa before he gets your and your squad in COD’s Festive Fervor

Updated: Dec 17, 2021 11:17 am
Call of Duty how to find kill Krampus Festive Fervor

According to festive Alpine lore, Krampus actually accompanied Jolly Old Saint Nic around the globe on Christmas eve. While Father Christmas rewarded good children, the horned half-goat was there for those on the naughty list, rattling chains and punishing them with a swift smack to the backside with a stick. Surely Austrian children must be the best behaved with bedtime stories like that.

Anyway, instead of going after Central European kids this December, it seems Krampus is after us as part of Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor event – and we’re all on the naughty list.

Where to find Krampus in Call of Duty Vanguard

Krampus rewards call of duty vanguard festive fervor

In COD Vanguard, finding Krampus is relatively easy – if you’re willing to not play the game. Krampus will be hunting down players who fail to play the objective in Vanguard Multiplayer modes. In other words, if you have the lowest objective score – like the fewest Domination captures or a terrible Hardpoint time – Krampus will likely hunt you down.*

A warning will appear on screen if Krampus has picked you as his target, and you have the option to either try and increase your score or take the demi-goat out before it’s too late. If you increase your score enough to appease him, he’ll simply move on to another team. If you do decide to turn the tables on Call of Duty’s Krampus, you’ll need some serious firepower to defeat him with his 365 HP.

*Though, now I think about it, this seems like the best time to try and win matches if everyone else is intentionally throwing? Just a thought.

Don’t have Vanguard? Don’t worry about it! December 16th to December 21st, 2021 is a free-access weekend, meaning you can drop into Vanguard Multiplayer all weekend without owning the game. Find out more about the COD Multiplayer Free Access weekend here.

How to find and kill Krampus in COD Warzone Pacific

In Warzone Pacific, Krampus works slightly differently. He’ll still be hunting down Operatives of his choosing, so you can’t find anywhere in particular, but on Caldera and Rebirth Island he’s more likely to go after naughty players who have been given coal in their stockings. Or, rather, in their Holiday Crates.

Pacific fir tree

Special seasonal Holiday Crates will drop near the new festive fir trees around the islands, and if you get one before anyone else, you may have a chance of getting some coal from it. Carrying coal will make you more likely to be targeted by Call of Duty’s devilish Krampus.

Just like in Vanguard, you do have the option to kill Krampus if you think you can handle it, and doing so will earn you an exclusive Calling Card to show off your goat-hunting abilities, as well as some bonus XP.

While he might delight in taking entire squads down with his terrifying final move, COD’s Krampus isn’t all bad, and is even bringing some good bonuses to Warzone this holiday season. You can expect modifiers like an increased chance of finding Legendary Supply Boxes and discounted Buybacks every day of Festive Fervor.

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