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Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 2 update

February 14th launches a whole new roadmap just for COD Vanguard Zombies

Updated: Feb 11, 2022 4:28 pm
Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 2 update

With every new Call of Duty release, there’s no denying that Zombies is one of, if not the most, anticipated modes. And while COD Vanguard’s Zombies started a little slow, there are so many changes coming in the Season 2 update that it has its own dedicated Zombies roadmap. And its own dedicated WePC article – keep reading for the latest Zombies-specific patch notes!

That being said, you can find out about the non-Zombies Vanguard Season 2 changes right here.

COD Vanguard Zombies update — February 14th, 2022

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Image via Treyarch Studios

A new map! New gateways! A new objective! New easter eggs! It’s Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies, but not as you know it. And if this latest COD Vanguard Zombies update is a sign of what’s to come, we know the popular undead mode is going to get a lot more attention than in past COD titles, which is seriously welcome news.

New Hub Map and Arenas

Head to Egypt for an all-new Vanguard Zombies experience in Hub Map Terra Maledicta. From there, zombie hunters can head out into three new Arenas; Eastern Desert, Corrupted Lands and Hall of Truth. Terra Maledicta will now run alongside Der Anfang, giving players twice the Zombies gameplay, and an entirely new Vanguard Zombies experience.

Terra Maledicta will also feature its own unique narrative intel, furthering the ongoing Dark Aether story alongside Der Anfang.

New Arena Objective

The new Objective, Sacrifice, will only be available in Terra Maledicta from February 14th, but will be added to Der Anfang in the near future. In Sacrifice, players need to prevent Syphonocores from feeding on undead essence. There will be three Syphoncores, and you’ll need to stop zombies before they have a chance to get to them and fill them up.

Some existing Objectives are also getting an update for COD Vanguard Zombies Season 2. You might notice that Void Objective XP is awarded differently, and some exploits that were found in the Harvest Objective have now been patched up.

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Images via Sledgehammer Games

New Artifact-boosting Covenant

A new Covenant, Artifact Ward, will be added to the Altar of Covenants from February 14th, 2022. With Artifact Ward, players can trigger their Artifact for free when hit by a melee attack from behind, so bear this in mind when you choose your Artifact.

New Artifact and Healing Aura ability

And, speaking of Artifacts, an all-new Artifact, the Wand of the Wilds, is being brought in with the update thanks to a new ally. As we find out more about the story behind Der Anfang, we are introduced to Vercanna the Last, an ally from the Dark Aether. Her Wand of the Wilds features the ability Healing Aura.

Healing Aura allows players to instantly heal themselves, revive teammates and even return lost Perks.

  • Tier I – Summon Vercanna’s Life Energy to instantly heal yourself and allies to full health
  • Tier II – Knock down normal enemies and stun Sturmkriegers near each player
  • Tier III – Revive downed allies
  • Tier IV – Revived allies will have lost Perks returned to them
  • Tier V – The Life Energy persists for ten seconds, continuing to heal and revive players
Zombies SEason 2 shoot
Images via Sledgehammer Games

Wonder Weapons

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun will have a chance of appearing in Mystery Boxes and loot drops from February 10th, 2022, and will then roll over into the February 14th update.

Decimator Shield

The Decimator Shield will provide players with “superior protection” when equipped, and also features the Decimation Blast ability. The shield will need to be unlocked via the new Terra Maledicta Story Quest, but will then have a chance of appearing in Mystery Boxes. The Terra Maledicta Story Quest will be live with Vanguard Season 2 from 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT on February 14th, 2022.

For the full list of changes, additions and bug fixes coming to COD Vanguard at the start of Season 2, check out the official Sledgehammer blog post.

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