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Call Of Duty Mobile – Season Info

Our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the current season of Call Of Duty Mobile.

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Wondering what this season of Call Of Duty Mobile entails and what might be coming up? Which weapons have been introduced and which maps have changed? We’ve got the complete rundown of everything that’s going on in COD Mobile in Season 8: 2nd Anniversary.

When does COD Mobile Season 8 start?

Season 8: 2nd Anniversary began on September 22nd at 19:00 PDT/ 20:00 EST/ (Sept 23) 01:00 BST.

When will COD Mobile Season 8 end?

As COD Mobile seasons are quite short and tend to last around a month, we can expect Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 to come in towards the end of October, or whenever Activision decides they’ve celebrated this birthday enough.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 8 Theme

COD Mobile Season

Activision is taking the whole season to celebrate the birthday of Call Of Duty Mobile, and why not? Season 8 is called 2nd Anniversary, and is taking us back through the history of Call of Duty for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

COD Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary New Features

New Battle Royale Map – Blackout

Blackout was the first ever Battle Royale Map to come to Call Of Duty. In the first sentimental move of the season, we welcome it back with open arms, this time to COD Mobile. Blackout is the perfect way to celebrate a COD birthday as it incorporates a long list of existing maps. Drop in to Battle Royale in Season 8: 2nd Anniversary to experience the likes of Nuketown Island and Cargo Docks.

New Battle Royale Game Mode – Counterattack

Counterattack is a new game mode coming to Call Of Duty Mobile in Season 8. This new mode brings NPCs to Battle Royale for the first time in COD Mobile, with players able to interact with, and even hire, a number of NPCs and Mercenaries.

COD Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass

50 new tiers of rewards will of course also come with the launch of the new season. You can expect the usual array of new Blueprints, Charms, Calling Cards and more, both free and premium, as you level up throughout the season. The R9-0 shotgun will be a new weapon available further into the Battle Pass, and a new Scorestreak, Lightning Strike, will also be attainable.

COD Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary New Characters


If you participated in the Call Of Duty Vanguard Beta, you can play COD Mobile as Task Force One Leader Kingsley. Unfortunately the beta has closed so you can no longer access this feature, but if you were lucky enough to play in Early Access or beta, you will have unlocked Kingsley within COD Mobile. This isn’t Season 8 specific, and Kingsley will be playable in all upcoming seasons, however, Kingsley should start appearing in Call Of Duty Mobile’s in-game mailbox around the same time as the launch of Season 8.

Alias – Battleworn

Alias was originally introduced to COD Mobile back in Season 2. She’ll be available once again in Season 8, this time in a new Battleworn form.

Velikan – Volcanic Ash

Velikan is also getting another new skin design. This time, Volcanic Ash.

Price – Beanie

And for the many millions of you who have been crying out for Price to be wearing a beanie in COD Mobile, your long, arduous wait is over. Price – Beanie is coming to the 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass.

COD Mobile Season 8: 2nd Anniversary – Everything Else

Anniversary Cake Event

Throughout the anniversary, you will see celebratory balloons scattered throughout Multiplayer and Battle Royale maps. Popping balloons will get you additional resources, but you might also find letters from the development team hidden inside. As well as this, you can collect cake pieces from balloons – where else would you keep cake? Build up the cake to earn additional rewards.

Anniversary Puzzle Event

Another anniversary themed event taking place during the season will be the Puzzle Event. Complete in-game activities to earn tokens, and trade those tokens for puzzle pieces. Complete the puzzle and you’ll be able to download it to your phone.

New Tournament

At some point during the season, a new tournament is going to be announced, taking place on the new Blackout map. Drop in now and get practicing.

Updated Multiplayer Map – Crash

As the most played Multiplayer map in Call Of Duty Mobile, Crash has been given an update for Season 8. Expect an improved version of the map with updated graphics when you start dropping into Crash from September 22nd.

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