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Are you a Slayer or a Survivor? Find out in the new CoD Rolecall website

We got survivor because we enjoy rat gaming.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:16 pm
CoD Rolecall
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Activision has revealed a brand new website for Call of Duty Warzone that tells you your role in Warzone. If you head over to this new website linked here, you can find out your CoD Rolecall.

Rolecall Call of Duty

The Rolecall CoD website is basically a fun little meme thing that gives us at WePC flashbacks to when we were in high school going through Facebook quizzes. Remember those quizzes that told us what Harry Potter house we belonged to or what Star Wars character we are? Well, you’ll get a flashback with this site, as that is what it does – kind of.

To work out your rolecall in Call of Duty Warzone, you’ll need to head to the website and log in. You can sign in using your Activision account, or any other service you use, such as Battle.net, PSN, or Xbox Live. When you’re online, you’ll just accept the quiz and let it do its thing. The website will read through your stats, and give you a rolecall.

When we managed to get into the CoD Rolecall website, we earned the Survivor role. Apparently, we are legendary lasters that are never kicked from a  game too early. And, when it gets tough, we tend to come out on top. That’s either because we are gods at the game, or Escape from Tarkov has taught us to be ultimate rat gamers. Probably the latter.

The other roles include the slayer, the one who does all the fragging, the tank, who takes all the damage and survives. There are also roles for the team player, such as the one who does all the reviving or gets downed or gulagged all the time.

Have you done the CoD Rolecall yet? let us know which role you got in the comment below! If you’re looking for new content for Warzone, the new Pacific map launch arrives on December 8.

Featured image via Activison Blizzard.

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