CoD Vanguard Killstreaks List

Here is a list of all of the CoD Vanguard killstreaks

CoD Vanguard Killstreaks

Fans of the Call of Duty Vanguard have been having a good go on the CoD Vanguard Beta. During the beta, many fans of the game have managed to gather themselves a go at the new killstreaks, which follows the trends of Modern Warfare ‘19 and Black Ops Cold War. With the game going back in time to WW2, albeit with an alternative history vibe, there is now era themed killstreaks to unlock.

The Cod Vanguard killstreaks are as you would expect from the recent games. There are the usual 3, 5, 7, and 10 kill streak ambitions, with the killstreaks being largely familiar to the ones from the previous CoD titles. Here is a full list of the Call of Duty vanguard killstreaks.

CoD Vanguard Killstreaks

The CoD Vanguard Killstreaks you can get in the beta are as follows:

Killstreak Description Kills
Intel Reveals nearby enemies to the summoning player through repeated pings on the minimap over a short period. 3
Care Package A plane comes in and drops a single care package which rewards a random killstreak on pickup.

The care package can be stolen by enemies and allies, albeit it takes them longer to open the care package.

Spy Plane Calls in a Spy Plane which reveals all enemy positions on the minimap to allies – can be shot down. 4
Counter Spy Plane Calls in a counter spy plane which obscures the minimap for all enemies. Like the Spy Plane, it too can be shot down by enemy launchers and gunfire. 4
Glide Bomb Drops a bomb whose patch can be guided towards enemies, killing them instantly.

Replaces Deathmachine.

Deathmachine You equip a Machine gun with explosive rounds and a fixed number of bullets. The Deathmachine persists through death and last until ammo is depleted.

Replaces Glide Bomb.

Mortar Barrage Toss a flare canister to mark an area for repeated mortar fire. 5
Warmachine You equip a semi-automatic grenade launcher with a fixed number of grenades. Persists through death until ammo is depleted. 7
Flamenaut Receive a flamethrower with unlimited fuel and a protective suit. Both the armor and the flamethrower are lost upon death. 9
Attack Dogs Summons a pack of dogs that target all enemies over a period over time. Dogs can be killed but chase down and one-shot enemies they connect with. 10
V2 The V2 is your tactical nuke and will automatically end the game when called in.

Do note this is not exactly a killstreak and accessible to all players regardless of your three chosen killstreaks.


According to the recent CoD Vanguard leaks, there are two kill streaks not in the beta. These two kill streaks are:

  • Air Superiority – Performs three strafing runs across automatically targeted areas on the map. All active air streaks are removed and cannot be spawned during the lifetime of this streak.
  • Local Informants – Reveals the location and direction of all enemies on the map for a period of time.


Whether these items are in the game or not remains to be seen. The only way to tell is when Vanguard releases on November 5.