CoD Vanguard Weapon List: Leaks, Beta Weapons, Confirmed

We have created a Call of Duty Vanguard Weapon list for all rumoured and confirmed weapons.

CoD Vanguard Weapons List

Call of Duty Vanguard is building momentum ahead of its November 5 launch. Many players have had the opportunity to play the Alpha, Closed Beta, and now Open Beta, with the beta currently extended. One of the things those who have played the betas have managed to do is get their hands on the CoD Vanguard weapons, along with trying a few maps (and stare at overly bright suns) and report bugs.

While the game is still in its beta stage, we have had a glimpse at some of its weapons. However, recent leaks over the weekend seem to confirm that there are many more maps, weapons and other content to come for the game’s full launch. Here is the CoD Vanguard weapons list, detailing all the weapons shown off in promotional material, the betas, and the leaks.

We have included a confirmed section on the weapon list to differentiate between leaked weapons and weapons in the betas. Be aware that the leaked weapons have descriptions too that are in the same style as the weapons in the game. Take them with a pinch of salt, and we will update the article when we know more at launch. If you’re interested, you can find the leak megathread here.

CoD Vanguard Weapon List

Call of Duty Vanguard Assault Rifles

STG Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Assault Rifles) Description Confirmed?
AS44 With extremely rapid-fire, this machine rifle is hard to control but great for close-range combat. No
Bar This rifle packs the damage and accuracy to be great at long distances but fires too slowly for close engagements Yes
Itra Burst Burst-fire delivers excellent damage and accuracy at medium and long-range but is inconsistent up close. Yes
Chauchat This automatic support weapon fires heavy rounds with good control but at a very low rate of fire. Headshots are extra effective. No
NZ-41 Firing heavy rounds at high accuracy, but high recoil, the rifle deals high close-range damage or can be used distance with controlled bursts. Yes
Fedorov Avtomat High accuracy and extremely low recoil make this rifle precise and useful at any range, though the damage is lower. No
STG44 This gun is balanced to be viable in almost any situation but does not excel in any one area. Yes
Volk Quick and mobile, this is the lightest automatic rifle, allowing great movement but with low control. Yes

Call of Duty Vanguard SMGs

M1928 Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (SMGs) Description Confirmed?
MP-40 This workhorse SMG is well balanced and suited for multi-purpose close-range work. Yes
Owen Gun This sturdy, controllable SMG packs a punch but is a bit heavier and slower firing. No
PPSH-41 This SMG is a veritable bullet hose and eliminates close-range threats quickly, but is hard to control. No
Sten This highly mobile SMG is light and quick to use with lower damage output and control. Yes
M1928 (Thompson) Extra ammo allows continuous firing, and good handling and rate of fire are offset by lower mobility and longer reloads. Yes
Type 100 This highly accurate SMG boasts low recoil and can be useful at medium range, but has low damage. No

Call of Duty Vanguard LMGs

MG42 Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (LMGs) Description Confirmed?
Bren This gun has extreme damage and accuracy for long-range kills with short bursts, but very high recoil and low mobility. Yes
DP27 High damage and accuracy allow long-range kills when fired in bursts, with decent control for full-auto use at short to medium range. Yes
MG42 This machine gun is excellent for continuous firing to suppress or punish enemy movement, but struggles at long range. Yes
Type 11 This light machine gun is easy to carry and reposition but isn’t as powerful or stable. No

Call of Duty Vanguard Shotguns

Revolving Shotgun Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Shotguns) Description Confirmed?
Revolving Shotgun This experimental revolver-design shotgun has surprisingly long range but typically takes two hits to kill and reloads very slowly. Yes
Auto-loading Shotgun This semi-auto shotgun fires as fast as you can pull the trigger but is very short range and will often require many hits to land a kill. Yes
Lincoln Jeffries This double barrel shotgun has high damage and fire rate but can only fire twice before it must reload. No
Model 1897 This high damage pump-action shotgun can reliably 1-shot kill but has a pause between shots so a miss is very punishable. No

Call of Duty Vanguard Snipers

Kar98k Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Snipers) Description Confirmed?
Arisaka 99 This rifle is good for light and mobile sniping, but extra percision is required for 1-hit kills No
Kar98k A balanced bolt action sniper rifle, this gun can kill with a single shot at long range and has generally low mobilitiy. Yes
Lee Enfield No description yet. No
3-Line Rifle The heaviest weapon, delivers 1-hit kills almost anywhere on the body at perfect accuracy, but particularly slow to move or use. Yes

Call of Duty Vanguard Marksman Rifles

M1 Garand Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Marksman Rifles) Description Confirmed?
G-43 (Gewehr) With fast firing and high control, it can dominate at midrange but lacks the accuracy and damage output for great distances. No
M1 Garand This adaptable, accurate, and powerful rifle can put enemies down with two well-placed shots at mid or long-range. Yes
SVT-40 This powerful semi-automatic battle rifle can land one hit kills to the upper torso and head but has low mobility and fire rate. No

Call of Duty Vanguard Secondary Weapons List

Call of Duty Vanguard Pistols

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Pistols) Description Confirmed?
Luger A powerful long-range pistol, the Luger has strong kick and a lower fire rate. No
Machine Pistol Full-auto fire makes for easy kills but the weapon is hampered by high recoil and a small magazine Yes
1911 This basic sidearm is quick to draw and can help finish a fight when the primary firearm is empty or unfit for a situation. Yes
Ratt This pistol is fast and easy to use and can fire as fast as you pull the trigger. Yes
Webley This revolver is strong and fires quickly but has very high recoil and low ammo, and is slow to reload. No

Call of Duty Vanguard Melee

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Melee) Description Confirmed?
FS Fighting Knife A CQC tactical knife. The standard military issue, employed for fast, quick and deadly wetwork. Yes
Riot Shield A portable bulletproof and explosive-resistant shield that you can also use to deal melee damage. No

Call of Duty Vanguard Launchers

CoD Vanguard Weapon List (Launchers) Description Confirmed?
M1 Bazooka This shoulder-fired launcher fires 60mm explosive rockets, great for vehicles, but slow to reload. Make sure not to stand behind one when it’s fired. Yes
MK1 Launcher No description yet No
Panzerschreck This shoulder-fired launcher fires 88mm explosive rockets, great for large areas and vehicles but slow to reload and set up. Make sure not to stand behind one when it’s fired. Yes
Panzerfaust This disposable launcher fires a shaped charge warhead capable of easily penetrating vehicle armor. Make sure not to stand behind one when it’s fired. No