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Call of Duty Cold War / Warzone Season 6 Release Date

It's almost time to go to battle in COD Cold War, with a little of Warzone Season 6 mixed in. Here's what we know.

Updated: Oct 6, 2021 7:59 am
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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 is almost upon us. Time flies when you have been having fun eh? It only seems like yesterday since we downloading the first gigantic files adding up to over 100GB and getting into Warzone for the first time, but now, Season 6 is set to drop and get our adrenaline pumping once again.

You have probably seen the latest trailer by now so there will no new news there. Russell Adler returns after we last saw him captured and brainwashed but he has now been patched up and is back in the fight.

So the NATO team is at full strength for this latest adventure and looking to find out what happened in Verdansk.

Warzone Season 6 Map Changes

We only have the trailer to go off but it looks as though several of the buildings we have become used to have now been destroyed by the bombings in the previous season. So that means no more venues such as the stadium and large swathes of downtown are simply rubble now.

This marks a pretty substantial map change to get used to so the first few hours in the game are going to be interesting as everybody finds their feet once again – just like the good old days.

Enjoy it while it last also as it looks as though we are getting a new map altogether in Season 7 so be sure to download the update for one big last Verdansk shaped hurrah.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Release Date

We don’t have long to wait now before we can get our hands on Cold War Season 6. The release date for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been penned in for October 5 (yep, that’s today folks if you are reading this at the time of publication!) at 9 pm PDT or October 6 at midnight EDT.

If you are a bit further east then 5 am British Summer Time is the time to set your alarm to get up early in order to download the patch, which, history tells us, is not going to be a quick job!

Warzone and the final Zombies update will touch down a day later on October 7 which should give the servers a bit of time to relax.

If you are playing your Battle Pass still for Season 5 you have until October 6 to complete it or die trying.

Call of Duty Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cold War Black Ops Patch Size


We know already that Call of Duty patches don’t tend to be on the small size and many players have issues with the size of the download, extraction, and ultimate end size of their COD folders. We have no reason to expect the same headaches won’t exist this time for many people as the update sizes are unlikely to have shrunk dramatically.

Last time around the Season 5 patch size for the PC came in at a shade under 14GB while the Xbox weighed in 12GB or so and the PlayStation a svelte 11GB.

As we have said there seems to be plenty more content to be downloaded with Season 6 so expecting these numbers to be replicated might be a little on the hopeful side. As soon as we know the exact size we will update this and let you know what to expect

Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Early Patch Notes

We are still awaiting anything concrete from Treyarch at this stage but are expecting patch notes to drop almost at any minute.

We already know however:

New Operators:

Alex Mason (NATO)
Fuse (Warsaw PACT)

New Weapons

Shotgun .410 Ironhide
AR – Grav
Melee Battle Axe
Melee Hammer & Sickle

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