Status Goldflake Call of Duty Warzone error

Before you throw your custom CoD controller across the room, be calmed that we have the solution to the status goldflake Warzone error.

goldflake cod error
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If you receive an error “status: GOLDFLAKE” while playing Call of Duty Warzone or Call of Duty Modern Warfare, saying that “a required network service has failed”, we have the solution that will get you back into the front line quickly. Just follow these steps to get back into the action.

  1. Don’t panic. It will be alright.
  2. Exit from the “status: GOLDFLAKE” error screen.
  3. Reboot or restart your system.
  4. Start Call of Duty Warzone.
  5. Play Call of Duty Warzone.

Basically, just turn the machine off and on again and you should be fine.

No, really, that’s it.

What does “status: GOLDFLAKE” mean?

No one really knows. It’s one of the great mysteries of our age that will be debated by scholars throughout the centuries. What it refers to however is an issue whereby your system is put into a suspended mode while Call of Duty Warzine is running, which then creates the Status Goldflake error when you try to return to the game. The only way to avoid the error is to not put your system into a rest state while playing Warzone. Or to not play Call of Duty Warzone ever again – which is probably taking things a bit too far.

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