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Call of Duty Vanguard prestige system explained – What’s changed?

We explain how the new Call of Duty Vanguard Prestige system works.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:48 pm
Call of Duty Vanguard prestige system explained – What’s changed?

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Call of Duty Vanguard is out now, with players grinding their way through the game’s levelling system, making their way to the fabled prestige system. Unlike almost every other CoD since Call of Duty 4, Vanguard is redefining the system. If you’re wondering what is happening in the new Call of Duty Vanguard prestige system, we’ll explain the process.

How does the Call of Duty Vanguard prestige system work?

Let’s open the can of worms, shall we? The days of getting to the max level and then pressing that prestige button are behind us. The right of passage is over. Getting those new pretty pixels next to your name, losing all your skins and guns in the process is gone. The system replacing it is some sort of metagame, with new blueprints being the light at the end of the tunnel.

With every season, you’ll get new prestige ranks. When you make it from level 1-55, you automatically enter your prestige rank. As it stands, there are only three prestige ranks you can wade through. There’s going to be more when season 1 launches, which will change in the future in the game’s future seasons.

As it stands, the maximum prestige for each season is as follows:

  • 3 for the Preseason. 
  • 7 for Season One.
  • 11 for Season Two.

It appears that the game is getting four new prestige levels every season. Black Ops Cold War has six seasons, so, in theory, that adds up to 27 different prestiges. That’s 17 more prestige levels than normal over the space of the next year. Reaching the max prestige for that season will award players with the Prestige Master. If you didn’t achieve the feat, there’s an opportunity to catch up, as players can hit up to Season Level 1000 during a season. Every 50 levels after that grant you an old prestige rank, allowing you to catch up. The ultimate test of dedication for players who plan on maining CoD all year is to get prestige master and still hit level 1000 for that season.

Whenever you complete prestige, you’ll get a new icon next to your name. Not to mention you’ll get a battle pass tier skip and some blueprints. So, if you’re planning on sweating CoD for a season, then you may as well get the battle pass and smash it out.

The new system is better in some areas, but it feels like CoD is moving to a meaningless seasonal game. Not to mention its negates the achievements of players in the early season who do hit Prestige Master. What are your thoughts on the new CoD Vanguard prestige system? Let us know in the comments below. For more information, check out the official CoD blog post regarding the change.

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