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Can you kill NPCs in Shadows of Doubt?

Updated: May 6, 2023 5:58 pm
Shadows of Doubt system requirements

You’re allowed free roam of the entire generated map in Shadows of Doubt. Very little is off limits to you and what is can typically be accessed by trespassing. As a private eye, it’s your duty to uphold the law and confront those who go against it. However, there will come times when you must break the rules yourself to solve a case. One such crime is the most heinous of all: murder.

Since Shadows of Doubt gives you the freedom to explore, is murdering on the table? We’ve cracked the case on this one and will tell you if you can or can’t kill in the game.

Is it possible to kill people in Shadows of Doubt?

Let’s cut to the chase here — no — you cannot kill NPCs in the detective simulator. The main reason is that it would break the way the game works. The developers said killing people in Shadows of Doubt would mess with the way the game is coded. A detailed statement from one team member went on to describe how killing would impact the procedurally generated world and cases. Having it in the game also goes against the main purpose of solving cases.

Shadows of Doubt plays more like a narrative game and less like a first-person shooter. While NPCs can use guns to fire on you, you’re unable to use them to fire back. Although you can use a gun to pistol whip someone, though, again, you can’t actually kill them. Once you do enough damage to an NPC, they will fall unconscious to the ground. From there you can either handcuff the target or run from the scene to fight another day.

On the flip side, you also cannot die in the game. If you take enough damage, you will fall to the ground and start to bleed out. You’ll wake back up in the hospital where you can either choose to pay your medical fees or flee the scene.

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