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Can you use a controller on Hogwarts Legacy PC?

Mouse and keyboard or controller, take your pick!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023 1:51 pm
can you use a controller on Hogwarts Legacy Pc

Hogwarts Legacy is the new action-RPG based on the Harry Potter fictional universe. As we know already from our queries on cross-platform accessibility, and older generational access and the status of multiplayer, plenty is known about the technical side of the game itself. But can you use a controller on Hogwarts Legacy PC?

PC players sometimes favor the mouse and keyboard, sometimes they favor the controller, that is provided the game has controller support. Let’s take a quick look into whether we will see controller support in Hogwarts Legacy PC when it finally arrives.

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Hogwarts Legacy controller support

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The short answer is yes! You will be able to use your controller on PC versions of Hogwarts Legacy; it has full support. The Steam store page for Hogwarts Legacy reveals that the game has full controller support. However, only PS5 players can enjoy the full extent of the DualSense controller’s immersive qualities. Not only this, but the Steam Deck will also be fully compatible.

WB Games Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood explains in a PlayStation.Blog post that DualSense interactivity allowed the team to make the wireless controller feel like an extension of an in-game wand. 

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Despite this, you’ll still be completely capable of using a controller on PC, allowing PC gamers to effectiveley mix and match their playership.

That’s all we have for now, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy pages for more queries on the technical aspects of the game, but also the content too!

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