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Chronicle of Infinity codes – May 2023

Updated: May 19, 2023 10:56 pm
Chronicle of Infinity codes

Chronicle of Infinity can be punishing if you are not careful, and to help you, we have gathered all its codes. They are a great way to take it easy and enjoy some free rewards. This guide has all the Chronicle of Infinity gift codes and how you can redeem them. We will also update our guide when the game gets newer codes. 

Active codes

ZShL6vbhtFree Pack
ZsMmtykZvFree Pack
ZsMx5MAY5Free Pack
ZsF6fMaUnFree Pack
ZS1verSaryFree Pack
ZSFR5TNJnFree Pack
nJm7RHhZsFree Pack
EBy7DnNZSFree Pack
q6X7bepZsFree Pack
ZsJBFdqxYFree Pack
zS8G3HcNYFree Pack
RuBVpxnu4Free Pack
COi23HNYFree Pack
zM8yGGPQcFree Pack
dRWbevBneFree Pack
25rZufXMASFree Pack
utpEQRFeVFree Pack
Ndu4xCEDTFree Pack
ksx5qTz6gFree Pack
8eSY9qdurFree Pack
100kCOIFree Pack
COI2022Free Pack
COI888Free Pack
bluestacks999Free Pack

How to use Chronicle of Infinity codes

Here is how you redeem codes in the game.

  • Launch Chronicle of Infinity.
  • Click on the Perks button in the top right.
  • In the menu, select Pack Codes.
  • Use any working code there to get rewards.

Expired codes

zdCapz8BsFree Pack
tBUsPKrvEFree Pack
n3t66zhRZFree Pack
ProtectCoiFree Pack
B7kPmY4sHFree Pack
ScFoeKgrAFree Pack
4R8WP4prJFree Pack
GPUgqdk76Free Pack
kKqKsVQxnFree Pack
wHNrRWV8LFree Pack
mm4fzRagzFree Pack
Dg3TYuezRFree Pack
COI555Free Pack
COI6688Free Pack
COI999Free Pack
COiWEEKFree Pack

What are gift codes in Chronicle of Infinity?

Gift codes are special words you can redeem for rewards in the game. The developers give these codes to players to help them stay ahead and active. You can find all of these codes on the game’s various social media channels. 

Chronicle of Infinity codes not working

There could be many reasons why your Chronicle of Infinity codes are not working, but the main ones are typos and expirations. Codes are case-sensitive, so you must enter them exactly as they appear. If you enter them correctly and they are still not working, the codes have expired. 

How to get more Chronicle of Infinity codes

You can get gift codes for Chronicle of Infinity in many places. You can start by going to the game’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to engage with the community while getting codes. Other places you can try are Instagram and Twitter.

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