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Civilization 6 Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022 7:15 pm
Civilization 6 Console Commands – Cheat Codes and More in 2022

Civ is a long-running series for a reason. As one of the best 4X strategy games ever released, it’s not much of a shock that Civilization 6 has proven to be as addictive and enduring as any other entry in the series to date. Being in control of your own civilization is a pretty attractive proposition to many, and the only way you can really enhance that experience is by using console commands.

Civilization 6 console commands are actually relatively limited, but you will at least get access to a cool debug menu, and it won’t take you days or hours of tinkering around to get it working. Read on to discover how to access the Civ 6 console commands and find out what you can actually do with them.

Activate the Command Console

You’ll have to actually enable this option before it’ll work, but it doesn’t take too much. Head to your documents folder and find the My Games > Sid Meier’s Civilization VI folder. Inside, there should be a file called AppOptions.txt. Open this with a text editor (like Notepad) and find this line:

EnableDebugMenu 0

Change the 0 to a 1 and you’re done. Now, while you’re in the game, you can tab the key just under Escape/ above tab to bring up the command console.

Civilization 6 Debug Menu

The main thing you’ll get when you open the command console is access to the debug menu. If you press up, you’ll get a list of any commands that you’ve entered into the console, but if you press down or click on the little cog symbol, you’ll have a list of diagnostic options for different graphs. We’ve listed them below with a brief explanation of what they do.

  • Show Frame Statistics – This option displays your FPS, as well as other display options, such as your screen resolution and VYSNC settings.
  • Show Frame Graph – This shows the information from the above option but plotted on a graph
  • Show VFX Statistics – This shows stats relating to the VFX currently being displayed on screen during gameplay, including number of particles, number of models, etc
  • Show Time of Day – This option displays the current game time and lets you move the slider left and right to change the time.
  • Show Camera – Shows details on the cameras angle, tilt, and zoom level
  • Show LUA Statistics – This option displays statistics related to the use of LUA programming in the game.
  • Show UI Statistics – Displays UI statistics, including how much is being rendered and what you’re mousing over.
  • Show Memory – Show how much memory is being assigned to the game and how much is being used.
  • Show Game Core Statistics – Shows the 10 players who have played for the longest amount of time
  • Show VRS Demo Panel – Brings up a panel with several options relating to render mode and visual debugging

Civilization 6 Console Commands

Unfortunately, most of the commands in the Civilization 6 command console are about debugging and changing visual aspects of the gameplay. That said, there are a few commands that you can try out, especially if you want to remove fog of war from the game, or change the time of day to something wacky for some reason. We’ve also included the command that lists all the other commands, just in case you want to experiment with something weird.

Command EffectConsole Command
Displays all of the console commandsHelp All
Removes fog of war from entire mapReveal All
Sets every place on the map as exploredExplore All
Sets the time to [0-24]tod set [0-24]

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